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The Sephora sale starts this Friday, October 30th for Rouge, November 3rd for VIB’s, and November 5th for Beauty Insiders! The Sephora sales are rare, so it’s the time of year when I stock up on products  and in the Holiday season I also stock my stocking! So here is what I’m stocking up on for this year!

First, these are all of my refills:

Moisturizer, Makeup Remover, Hair Spray, Heat Protectant, B-Serum, Retinol Cream

All of these are products I get over and over again. I’m pretty loyal product wise, especially when it comes to hair and skin care. It also is because my skin is very sensitive and so when I find products that my skin agrees with I stick with them!


Second are the items I’m ordering for my stocking:

Almost Lipstick, Eye Palette, Mask

Since I’m literally the only girl in my house, I love for my Christmas stocking to be full of splurgy, girly items. Things that I might not normally buy, but B is happy for me to help him with shopping. I’ve been on a kick of finding items I used to purchase and love and one of them is Clinique Black Honey. The Tarte eye shadow palette in Tartelette will be a great add to my collection, it has some more matte choices, and provides a bit of differentiation from what I have now. Finally, I’ve read great, great things about this pumpkin enzyme mask, which sounds perfect for dry winter skin.


Lastly I have several items that I’m going back and forth about. I really would like a new foundation for winter, but I can’t decide between these two:

NARS soft matte foundation or It Cosmetics Better than Skin foundation. I own foundations from both  these companies and have had great experiences with both. However, my current NARS soft glow foundation tends to melt a bit by the end of the day, and the it Cosmetics CC cream tends to get a but oxidized as my skin gets paler in the winter. The price point of these is similar, and the reviews are kind of half and half for both. I’m trying to decide which I should test out!

Next, I’m trying to decide between two secondary moisturizers:

I love my First Aid moisturizer, but I do like to have a secondary moisturizer to kind of switch things up. I’ve been trying a sample of protini polypeptide cream, and I really like it, but the price point is high. On the flip side this Sephora moisturizer seems to be a close reboot of what was my favorite Sephora moisturizer that was discontinued. I’m still debating about the one to pick! Happy Sephora sale shopping!

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