Scoop, Scoop!

Our temperatures have fluctuated between 70 degrees and sunny, to around freezing and snow in a matter of about two days. Knowing that this weather was coming we nevertheless decided to get out while it was still nice on Saturday and refurbish the garden. A trip to Lowe’s, one tomato plant, a shovel, and four new bags of soil later we were out working in the yard on what became a larger overhaul than we thought!

First, the “garden” area had a lot more dirt, roots, weeds, and grass than we expected. Second, the bed was FULL of ants. It has literally become its own ant farm. This alone made me want to wash our hands in the deal and pesticide the whole area. Did I mention they were biting ants? Yes. Of course they were! Before we had the hoards of ants come out we did manage to get some outside time before I ran our little mini cupcake in the house. He was so excited to be outside, he was joyfully playing around the garden scooping little bits of dirt with his mini shovel, and placing the rain gauge in various spots. He gleefully exclaimed “scoop, scoop!” each time he dug up a little piece of dirt, and then carefully placed the dirt in the trash can, one finger pinch at a time.

Unfortunately, the ants took over and we had to come inside. He was SO disappointed that not even two episodes of Little Einsteins and pizza for lunch made him happy. I guess we have an outdoorsy child after all! I’m not sure how our allergies are going to handle that!

The garden make-over begins
Preparing to remove grass roots
Checking out the dirt
Helping dig dirt out
Did I hear the ice cream truck?

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