Say Cheese!

It’s funny, but when I was little I never held a phone up to my face and said “cheese” expecting it to take my pictures. However, whenever Super A picks up a phone, he chats on it for a minute and then will hold it up and say cheese and wait for it to take his picture. As often as I take pictures on my phone, I don’t usually remember to post them. So here are some recent pictures of Super A on some of our outing adventures and at home moments.

This is Super A playing with the train table at Barnes and Noble. See the little gold dragon on the floor? Super A adopted him at Barnes and Noble. He picked him out of a plethora of toys and said “poor little baby dina. Come with me” And so he carried him through the store placed him on the ground near the train table while he played. Then after we purchased him he now resides out our home.

Watching dinosaur train in our bedroom in the morning.

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