Saturday afternoon favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy June! Can I tell you how ridiculously excited I am about this ice cream? My sister told me about it yesterday and, of course, I went out and bought it. Lemon ice cream with vanilla flavored creme filled cookies? Yes, please!

Anyway, just in case your husband (as well, in addition, too, also), has decided to make his way through four seasons of Breaking Bad in a month and you need something to flip through this Saturday night, here are some of my favorite stories, items, and ideas from the week!

I need to print this and put it in our kitchen for when B has to clean and dry our cast iron skillet. You know instead of saying “Hey, what do you want me to do with this?” 🙂

J loves to climb, leap, and lay on anything higher than the floor. Which is why I think he would love this cushy little pouf.

Just in case I didn’t get enough lemon from the ice cream…a lemon sorbet punch. Have I mentioned before how I have always wanted a lemon tree? It’s a true story.

A has recently become asking to go camping (which I really just want to laugh all day about that). However I have looked at a couple of tents for camping in the backyard and particularly liked this one.

This was a random thought, but one of the small appliances we use and love the most is a panini press my aunt sent to me for Christmas one year. We make most of our weekend sandwiches on it. Ours is an older version of this one here, and it has stood up well!

I really love this Mary Poppins print.

Upon seeing this tweet, my husband said “Man, Patrick Stewart is so awesome”. It’s good to be Patrick Stewart.

Have you read the book Stuck to your kids? A thinks it is HILARIOUS. I have to say I found it pretty funny, as well!

These Kate Spade plates are really adorable.

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