Santa’s Village: A holiday tradition & the debut of J is not impressed

Visiting Santa’s Village in our area has become a holiday tradition for my sister’s family and mine. We have had varied experiences, from A crying his head off, to waiting in line for 45 minutes to see Santa, to it being freezing cold. However, we decided on a whim this year to go early and boy did it pay off! We waited only about five minutes to see Santa, J did not cry, it was warm, and the boys all had a terrific time. Plus, J has debuted a hilarious new facial expression that we can only liken to the “not impressed meme” that has circled the web.

So here is our pre-village dinner…at Mellow Mushroom. YUM.

An older gentleman complemented J on his Army (football team) colored attire and cool hat. And guess what:

J was not impressed.

The first thing we did when we got to Santa’s Village was go see Santa because the line was short:

A wore his superman shirt for the occasion. A did not know what to ask for so he asked for a “surprise”. When A was two he asked for chicken nuggets. When he was three he asked for a cake. When we left the village A looked at me and said “you know Santa never brought me those chicken nuggets I asked for”. Seriously.

J actually sat in Santa’s lap. A quickly informed Santa that J does not know what to ask for because he is a baby and doesn’t talk yet. So Santa is bringing J a surprise too.

Then we moved on to A’s favorite part. The cookies:

He loves their gingerbread cookies!

Then A discovered the music/light coordinated Christmas display:

I think he could have stood there all night. We have got to take this boy to Epcot to see the music/dancing water fountain!

Then the boys moved on to their favorite part…playing hide and seek in the lighted maze:

And while they thought it was great fun:

J was not impressed.

Then the boys went and stared at the reindeer:


J was not impressed.

And finally a few family photos to share:

And finally I will leave you with A and J-O dancing it out:

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  1. Great story and pictures! Love it, love it!! J’s look is more of a “what is going on, here?” type of look. LOL

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