SAG Awards Inspired

So my two favorite trends from the golden globes were black and blue color-blocking and mid-waist belts (see Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner, and other examples here). So from that I came up with a work style outfit. As a plus, it’s one dress two ways!

SAG Awards Inspired(For links to any of the items you can find them here.)

Pale pink nails were still a pretty big trend on the red carpet, but I also noticed some darker blue nails as well. I like the versatility of the two outfits and you can wear the dress with boots and tights in the winter and then transition to the pumps (and pointy toed ones are in again, so I’ll have to find mine!) in the spring.

And finally, I couldn’t get the jewelry to work right with the set shown above, but these drop earrings from Anthropologie are super close to the ones that Amy Adams wore, and would be great with the dress. If you want something more conservative I liked these small gold hoops (reminiscent of the ones Michelle Dockery wore) as well.

And finally if you are looking for an inspired hair suggestion, I really liked Julie Bowen’s low and loose ponytail. The Small Things Blog has a great tutorial for a similar look here.

And that’s it! Happy Tuesday!

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