Robot Birthday Party Decorations

This year I went simple with decorations for A’s birthday. We did lots of streamers, a few happy birthday banners and I found a few great robot decals and some great little robot board cut-outs as accents. Here are some of my favorites:

Favors! Each of the boys got two little robot books and a little robot decoration. Except J Baby who got the robot toy!

Robot decals. A loved these, and I’m slowly moving them into his room now.

Paper honey comb (A year ago I had trouble finding these, now they are everywhere!)


Little robot decor (from Hobby Lobby). I taped these to a bundle of paper streamer ribbon from the chandelier in the breakfast area.

Just a bit of the decor in our dining area. Can you help me find plates for my plate rack? I am so indecisive, I may never find any!

I think A approved! 🙂

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