Remy’s Hide And Squeak

One of our favorite things about fall at Disney is the Food and Wine Festival! And one of the boys’ favorite parts of the Food and Wine Festival last year was Remy’s Hide And Squeak. For $6.99 you get a map with stickers to match where you find Remy throughout the World Showcase. Once all the stickers have been placed, you return to one of the listed locations and get a souvenir cup!

This gives kiddos a fun scavenger hunt to do, while you taste all the yummy treats that the festival has to offer. In addition, we really enjoyed how kind other park goers were to the boys while they were searching for Remy.

We had several days to complete the map (you can take as long as you need, or until they run out of souvenir cups). One night we were searching in Britain to figure out what food Remy was holding and several other visitors whipped their phone flashlights out to hold up so the boys could see it better. The boys still have the souvenir cups they received at the end:

For 2019 they have updated the cups and they have lids, making the prize even more fun! You can also pick up the prize even if it’s not fully completed in case the kiddos (or you) get tired of searching. The Food and Wine Festival runs until November 23rd this year, giving you plenty of time to stop by if you are visiting Disney this fall!

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