When A was little we used to read and read for hours. A would sit in my lap and I would go through a stack of twenty library books while he patiently listened. He had some stories that he liked to read again and again, but he was happy to move on after one or two times through.

J loves reading as well, but he is totally different in his approach. He likes to pretend that he is reading the books himself, he likes it when A reads to him (even if A is making up the words), and he gets distracted easily. His favorite book is still Llama, Llama Red Pajama, and is happy to read that same book every single night (and so we do).

IMG_3390One of his current favorites right now is Eric Carle’s Have You Seen My Cat?. It is probably a lesser known Eric Carle book and for good reason (there is basically nothing to it, but a kid saying…”have you seen my cat?” and then saying “that’s not my cat!” over and over), however, J (and actually A did too back in the day) LOVES it. He thinks it is hilarious and carries it with him and flips through the pictures.

IMG_3385He also reads it to A when he gets up in the morning. It sounds a little like this “yabbbala, yabbala, hahahaha, bye bye!”

IMG_3388And then he watched Curious George for a few minutes. While still holding tight to his book to read. Multitasker that boy.

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