Read This…Make That!

Our local library branch does a great story time (if you want to know the branch I’m talking about e-mail me!). One of my favorite things about their story time is they always read at least two stories and the kids get to do a small craft based on one of the stories. Super A and I also do several of these crafts at home, so I decided to start a little section called Read This…Make That! I’ll try to keep up with it!

So here’s my first one. Read this…

This sweet story, combines the use of graphic designed heart shapes with a rhyming tale about animals. Plus it has hippos drinking apple juice (Super A’s favorite part!).

Make That…

For this ultra simple craft you need construction paper, scissors, glue, a black pom-pom, markers, and black glitter glue.

Cut four hearts out of green paper (one large and three small). Then arrange the hearts as seen above to make the shape of the seal and glue the hearts on blue (or purple if you want to follow the book) construction paper.

Next, draw a circle for the ball using a marker, let your little one color the paper and seal as they wish and write the line (silly as a seal) from the book.

Finally glue a black pom-pom for the nose and make an eye out of the black glitter glue. And tada!

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