Re-discovering the “big” library

Typically when we visit the library, we go to one of the smaller branches. In the past it was less crowded, however, due to the popularity of some of their programs and updates it is now pretty crowded on the weekends. Which means lots of hovering kids over puzzles, computers, etc. We decided to try the main library this weekend (or as A calls it “the big library”) and were really pleased to see that they had included lots of new books in their children section and had a discover technology display that A LOVED.

discovery They had astronaut gloves that he could try on and attempt to push buttons, flip switches, and zip zippers.

discovery1There was an electricity display where he could wind up the voltage and see how much wattage each type of bulb used.

discovery2And there was a question and answer quiz section where I read the questions to him and he attempted to punch in the correct answer.

In addition he and B found a very cool Star Wars: Ultimate Visual Guide that they have poured over since and lots of fun new books, including a book about Chopsticks that A finds hilarious and J managed to find Lllama, Llama Zippity Zoom and immediately added it to our stack. A had the best time swapping off reading the books with us in the big chairs, while the other of us chased J around as he toddled from aisle to aisle. Eventually J got tired of toddling and inviting himself to other people’s quiet coloring, and reading, and playing, and it was time to go. I was really glad that we ventured out of our usual library choice and headed to the “big” library for new things to see and do!

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