Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Afternoon

1. I start back to work in two and a half weeks. Which means lesson planning procrastination is in full swing. I need to get it together!

2. Have you seen J baby’s big cheese smile? Check out the instagram picture to the left. As my sister dubbed it “possibly best smile EVER”. It makes me laugh all day.

3. By the way, J kicks up a storm in the tub. We may have a little swimmer on our hands…I’m thinking the next Michael Phelps 2028. Yes, 2028. That number just looks weird.

4. I am hashtagging the word #remop. As in as soon as I mop, A throws his apple juice and I have to re-mop the floor. As in as soon as I mop, J projectile vomits and I have to re-mop the floor. I kind of get the feeling that the goldfish jump off the table on purpose.

5. In addition do swiffer commercials bother anyone else? Oh my I just mopped my huge kitchen, let me retire to the porch. Goodness me I just dusted my LIBRARY, let me read this book. Guess what I would spend my money on if I had a huge kitchen and a library? A MAID. And this blogger agrees. Love it!

6. I got to pick out our movie last weekend. I picked Friends with Kids. It managed to make one of my favorite characters from Parks and Recreation (Ben Wyatt!) kind of unlikable and he uses the word doll to reference women. Eh. However, it did make me laugh when they discuss how kids only get up in the middle of the night for the first two years (“tops”). Hahaha. Case and point:

– 2:20 a.m. A wakes up last night because he had a bad dream. My husband goes in to his room, but I lie there awake to make sure he isn’t sick and I need to grab thermometer, tylenol, etc.

-4:20 a.m. J wakes up. Hungry. He is on what I call a 4-5 schedule. 4 days of the week he takes 4 bottles. 3 days of the week he takes 5 bottles. One in the middle of the night.

-5:20 a.m. A wakes up again. Has to use the bathroom. Tries to start up a conversation with me, I tell him “Mommy doesn’t have conversations before coffee.” His response “That makes sense to me.” Wise child.

-By the way, my Mom frequently reminds me that I didn’t really sleep through the night consistently until I was 7. Ohhh karma.

7. According to A these sheets and these boots are dubbed as best purchases ever. He has thanked me every morning since I bought them last weekend.

8. Was excited to stumble upon this blog bible study of Proverbs through Blue Eyed Bride’s blog. It’s only two days in, so I’m planning to try it out.

9. Remember how I talked about Bernstein Bears discipline last week? This week I found this and immediately pinned it to Pinterest. Hands down, my favorite Bernstein Bears book. I heart organization.


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