Quick and Easy Christmas Crafts

A has been sooo excited about Christmas, that at times he is borderline off the wall. Then other times he is just seriously off the wall. To calm down some of his “hyperness” I have pushed the boys naps back a bit and when A comes home from school we do some calm down activities before nap time. Otherwise I can hear him stomping around on his bed after I put the boys down for naps. So here are two quick and easy crafts that we have done this past week, that you can probably do with items you have around your house.

Christmas Tree Strips (Inspired by this pinterest craft I found)

You need:

Construction paper

Safety Scissors

Glue Stick

Large piece of paper (I used a sheet of finger painting paper)


Cut strips of various sizes out of the construction paper (use multiple colors, or you can just do red and green), then arrange them in order on the large paper to make a Christmas tree shape and glue down. Simple!

Christmas Tree As you can see I started out helping A some and then he got bossy and told me he would do it on his own. So this is what it looks like.

Clear Ornament Paint and Shake

You will need:

A clear PLASTIC ornament that you can open and close, and seals tightly (I found a star in our attic that inspired this craft)

Kids paint (The Crayola washable kind that has some movement to it)


Open the ornament and squeeze some paint onto one side (use more than you think is necessary unless you want to be re-opening and putting more paint in). Then seal the ornament (you can use tape if you want to make sure it is secure) and let your child swish it around until all you can see is paint not the clear part of the ornament. I let A take it outside and shake it….we had no paint come out….but I’m not saying that won’t happen.

After it is fully covered on the inside with paint set it up and let it dry for about an hour. Then carefully open it (you the adult should do this) and let the two halves dry open overnight. Then re-seal it. Want to make sure it doesn’t pop open again? Line the edges with Gorilla or Super Glue and seal it shut (again something the adult should do).

Painted StarHappy Christmas Crafting!

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