Qixels & Coding

WSW: CodingSeveral months ago I found an article on coding and jewelry making. I loved the idea of re-interpreting it for the boys (although they probably would love to make bracelets as well), but I went with using Qixels because I had them on hand. Here’s a little more about what we did…

First we watched a video on coding:

There are three short clips total on computer coding. The older boys declared this “stuff they already knew” but it was a good refresher of how coding works, with simple analogies. Then I printed off four coding sheets that you can find here.

Then the boys used the sheet to start making the letters of their names:

WSW: Coding

WSW: CodingAnd then they started just making letters and designs on their own. If you read the entire article I mentioned above it has some great websites and videos to extend the activity. The boys decided they would rather just play “Pirate Enderman Bowser Hunt” (it’s a complicated game) after that and I obliged. I’m keeping the website ideas on my list for later in the summer when they need something to do during rest time (AKA: When J is napping) on Wednesdays. Happy learning!

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