Puppy Pawty

J was thrilled to turn 4, and he was especially pumped that he got to have both his school party and his birthday party on the same day! B and I felt a little bit like we had been to a college blow-out the next morning, (except in family friendly form…ha!), but it was great to be able to have his celebration all done on one day.

He ran from his room that morning yelling “I’m four everyone!!”

Puppy PartyThen I met up with him at school to have cookies, juice, and pass out a few puppy themed treats to his classmates… Puppy PartyThen I whipped up funfetti puppy chow for the boys to snack on while we party prepped that afternoon… Puppy Party Puppy partyHere are some of the decorations…

Puppy PartyOnce everyone arrived we started opening presents… Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy PartyThen after feasting on hot dogs, chili, and chips it was time for cake!

IMG_0333 IMG_0340 Puppy Party Puppy PartyThe day after the party A was reminding everyone that he was “still 4” even though his birthday was past. And in case you are wondering even after all the excitement and no napping he still woke up bright and early at 6:10 a.m. Seriously!

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