Pumpkin Carving 2014

A had been itching to carve the pumpkins we got when we went out to the farm several weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to do it this past weekend with the rounds of flu passing through our house, but by Sunday the boys (and us) had enough energy to get it done!

pumpkin carving 2014 Pumpkin Carving 2014

A was so obsessed with finding the perfect pumpkin and went through several choices before finding the one he liked. J wanted a little “baby” pumpkin, and when we pointed him in the direction of a larger one he said “I pick dat one”. And that one it was.


The boys did a good job helping scoop out the pumpkins, but they picked some pretty intricate face designs this year, so B and I did the cut-outs (he cut-out A’s Darth Vader and I cut-out J’s Yoda).

Pumpkin Carving 2014They were happy with the results!

October 20146May the Halloween force be with you! HA!

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