Poor Baby!

Resting in his stroller
Resting in his stroller

As noticeable in the photograph A has been sick. He has just your run of the mill cold, but his first. The first couple of days he sounded raspy, leading to a “lion-esque” sound that he kept making when he breathed in deep. After talking with the nurse at our pediatrician I began the standard baby remedy of running the humidifier and using saline drops for his nose. That is pretty much all you can do for colds for babies these days since every cold medicine out there is not FDA approved for babies. Therefore, my blogging and pretty much everything else has been put on hold this week while we have been doing an extra amount of nose wiping, baby rocking, and humidifier running.

Towards the end of the week A began doing better, finally! I was a bit scattered at my first day back to work after taking care of A, it still hasn’t completely set in that I am working a few days a week again. I keep trying to remember that I need to do lesson planning, etc., but as I said this week has been a bit crazy. We did end the week by attending a birthday party for one of our friends’ little girl. A was doing remarkably better and was no longer contagious, so we figured he would be good to go. It was so sweet! A was a bit nervous at first, he still has some stranger anxiety, but after a few minutes he warmed up to the adults and the other babies there. It was a beach theme and the cake was so adorable! I had never had a cake from Cakes Etc. and it was delicious! A was very chatty while our friends’ little girl was opening up her presents. A loves presents, which I hope continues until his birthday!

We ended our weekend by my dad and my husband flooring a good part of our attic. Our guest bedroom was basically spilling out into the hallway and we needed to get the items (such as A’s newborn clothes, etc.) that I had boxed up into the attic. Our attic only had one small part with flooring and after carrying a few things up while A was napping we realized there was no way we were going to get everything up there without extra floor space. Thankfully my parents have two things we needed, a truck and flooring experience (haha, thanks Dad!). They got to work putting the flooring in, which went relatively quickly, and my husband and I spent the rest of the day moving things from the guest bedroom to the attic. Now we can actually move in our guest bedroom!

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