Pine & creature finder trail

pine trail 4This little trail is a quick about 1/4 mile (or less) jaunt that is actually the first trail we ever took both boys….

Photo 4In January of 2014 with J becoming more and more active we decided we needed something more to do on the winter weekends rather than just run errands and play out back. We bundled up the boys and headed to the entrance to the Hayes Nature preserve (the main entrance) and decided that a walk around the lake would be a good adventure for the boys and not so long that J would get tired of walking. It also is adjacent to the large nature-inspired playground.

Fast forward seven months…

pine trail 6This trail that we prodded the boys along is now a piece of cake. They still love it because the pine and mulch ground makes for an easy walk, there is lots of tree cover that keeps it cool, and there are lots of creatures and plants to see…

August 20141See if you can spot the blue heron on the bottom right picture, and the ducks on the top left!

And there are also lots of cool track and creature finder plaques along the way…

pine trail 5This is a great trail to do if you don’t want to walk for too long and is a quick loop around. Plus, they keep adding more and more features to the trail playground, so there is always something new to explore!

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