Perfect squares

So up until about five minutes ago I was working on this:

pp6Outlining and organizing my lecture notes for the fall semester from a new textbook. For some reason I need two pens. And a pink highlighter. Sticky notes. And an episode of Law and Order. ANYWAY.

Then J woke up from his nap super early, crying. When A was a baby he used to only sleep for about thirty to forty minutes at a time (do you remember that? I blogged about it about four years ago. Seriously!), so whenever J wakes up crying I get that same panicked feeling that I used to get when A did it. That “oh no he isn’t going to go back to sleep, and he is going to be fussy all afternoon” anxiety type feeling. However, J is a trooper. A bit of back patting and he flipped over and was rocking himself back to sleep in no time.

However, my concentration is now off and I missed half of the Law and Order episode. Good thing I’ve seen it about five times. I should be okay. So enough my ramblings.

This is one of A’s favorite books:

Perfect-Square-hc-cHis class read it a lot last year and we got it for him for Christmas. He has it memorized. We were reading it the other night and and idea for a craft project popped into my head.

All you need is craft paper, a glue stick, scissors (or for straighter lines we used a picture/paper cutter), and if you want a square frame.

First put together your “mat”

pp1I used the back of the frame as a guide.

Then just start adding squares. We started with the standard square as a back drop:

pp2And you can see the fiskar cutter we used in the back.

And then I let A pick square sizes and where he wanted to put them:

pp3And more squares:

pp4A really wanted a black square, so I compromised with a small one, but it really tied the picture together. He’s a smart boy, that one. 🙂

And here’s the framed edition:

Framed squareBesides the fact that he really wanted to add a little smiley face, A loved all of his squares! I loved the color choices and that it looks like it’s matted.

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