Peanut butter cookies

CookiesIf you ask B what his favorite cookie is, he will tell you how when he goes to Subway he substitutes chips for two peanut butter cookies. I don’t make them as much during the school year because A’s school was peanut free, but now that it’s summer….

CookiesI found this sprinkle peanut butter cookie recipe and it is simple to make. The boys actually helped me with each step of making the cookies, and they were so excited to try them! The hardest part is that they have to cool on the pan for awhile when they come out of the oven.

My three favorite things about the cookies were the addition of the sprinkles (we made some with and without), the fact that you can fit an entire batch on one large cookie sheet (as shown above), and you can mix them by hand.

A jumped up from his rest time that day and came out to try a cookie:

Cookie Happiness“Delicious and worth the wait!” A exclaimed. They were gone in two days, so I might have to double the recipe next time!

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