Parks & Pokemon

Parks & PokemonAre you chasing Pokemon? I never played Pokemon growing up, but B did and the boys were instantly charmed by Pokemon Go. We took it as a great opportunity to get out and about this weekend and visit some of local parks:

Parks & Pokemon Parks & Pokemon Parks & PokemonWhere we also had ice cream and checked out the fish and ducks.

B & I went out on a rare date night and hit up a bunch of local food trucks (and caught some Pokemon):

Parks & Pokemon Parks & Pokemon Parks & Pokemon Parks & PokemonIgnore my chipped nails. Instead focus on the tasty peach tea from Piper & Leaf, the fried mac & pulled pork from the peppered pig, and my mahi-mahi tacos from Fire & Spice!

We also visited our local wildlife sanctuary and got a hold of Pokemon gym:

Parks & PokemonFor about fifteen minutes. That’s the issue when your neighborhood is apparently also very into Pokemon Go. HA!

Meanwhile, A is hard at work trying to finish his Kylo Ren set:

Pokemon & Parks

And practicing piano:

Pokemon & Parks

My Mom has started giving A piano lessons, so we finally set-up our keyboard, so he can practice daily.

And finally, I stopped at Target to pick up a new lesson planner:

Pokemon & ParksAs the reality that I have only about a month before going back to work set in and I need to get five classes planned out for the fall. Let the planning begin!

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