Friday Favorites

How is it that a long weekend makes the week feel too long? It’s almost like we had too much recovery time and now we can’t handle it, ha!  This weekend we are having dinner with friends, soccer practice, Cub Scouts, and hopefully also get the boys’ piano lessons in as well. And sleeping in! I mean for us, sleeping in is 7:30 a.m., but I’ll take it!

These hammered leaf prints would be a lovely fall craft.

Destination Hawaii.

The Secret Lives of Color.

Chilled dough makes the best chocolate chip cookies.

“Lies, all lies!”

Cinnamon raisin bagels.

Sweatshirt I’m adding to my Christmas list. For that one week it’ll be cold here.

We learned the hard way last year that fall tasks are important.

Romantic and flannel = two things that don’t seem to work, but do.

Sheet pan chicken, with a bonus recipe!

Lovely light filled house.

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Salmon with tomato relish

This recipe starts with, I went to Costco this weekend and bought all the meat. Then I came home and spent a good hour with our food saver getting it all ready to go in the freezer. I bought ground beef, ground bison, rotisserie chicken, pork tenderloin, flank steak, sirloin steak, and salmon. I also bought a big package of peppers and diced or sliced them and used the food saver with them as well…

With all of this we have at least several months worth of meat. In addition, because Costco typically provides larger portions, many of these meals (tacos, roast tenderloin, chili, etc.) I will then freeze the leftovers for an additional meal (or two!). So for our first meal I made a salmon fillet (I purchased their one with butter in the cold food section and froze each fillet individually) with one freezer pepper package, and fresh cherry tomatoes (brought over by our neighbor!).

So I defrosted the salmon overnight first. Then I started by sautéing the peppers in just a little olive oil (from frozen, no need to thaw) on medium heat for about 3 minutes:

Then I added the salmon:

And put a lid on it (and cooked for about five minutes), then I took the lid off, flipped the salmon, added the cherry tomatoes and cooked it for an additional five minutes (or until done):

I also cooked up this rice:

It is not as good as the rice B makes, but it’s decent and works well in a pinch.

I made the entire dish (start to finish) in less than twenty minutes:

After the salmon was done, I took it out of the pan to rest then quickly sautéed the veggies on medium high heat just a minute more with a few dashes of balsamic vinegar. And that’s it! So simple, and tasty.

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Friday Favorites

It’s a boiling 100 heat index here, friends….somebody send Fall, stat! Oh, and I turned 36 this week, so there’s that.

The new Mary Poppins books’ illustrator is my current favorite Instagram.

Loving the video of Magnolia getting set-up for Fall.

The flats I want for Fall (I’m noticing a theme starting).

A and I both read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and really enjoyed it!

Currently searching for pens for my new square Moleskin journal.

The five minute make-up tutorial that I’m currently watching.

You do not have to be perfect. Current mantra on repeat.

Say it ain’t soho reminds me of one of my favorite polishes from high school, and since they’re bringing everything 90s back, I might as well jump in!

Something to make with our home grown tomatoes.

And finally, color. My boys would love this!

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Current favorite art supplies

The boys go through cycles of art interest. Sometimes they are doing many projects, writing books, drawing pictures, etc. and then other times things are in a bit of a holding pattern. I keep quite a few supplies on hand, so the boys have items whenever they decide they need to draw, color, or write a story. I thought I’d share some of our current favorite supplies:

My on going struggle is where to store everything so they can easily get to it, but it’s not sitting out all the time. I typically store it all in our kitchen hutch, but my dream is to have an area of the house where all of this can be out and they can leave projects out while they work on them.

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Treat yo self Saturday

Since my birthday is just around the corner, my Mom, sister, and I headed out for Treat Yo Self Saturday, one of my very favorite days of the year. We shopped around our downtown and local stores this year and my favorite finds were re-stocks on some of my favorites from Sweet Pineapple and a 334 hat from Scout and Molly’s.

In addition to those finds Anthropologie was having a huge online sale (and I think still is…maybe?) and I bought five tops to refresh for end of summer and beginning of Fall (because realistically it’ll be summer here until mid-October).

I kept all of the tops except the polka dot one, it was way too small. I mean WAY too small. So I’ve got that on my return list, but the rest were keepers! I wore the one on the far left for our Saturday outing. Our downtown is gorgeous to walk around right now too! Lots of butterflies:

Historic churches…

And fancy lights….

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Friday Favorites

Ah…to be four! Our favorite niece turned four this week!

Starting a list of Boston sites for a potential future trip.

Perfecting summer make-up.

My kids handled the Bao short film fine. It’s the Goosebumps preview that they’re still getting over.

Fall looks via Victoria Beckham.

Love these jeans.

The perspective of Ansel Adams, and how it changed how we view national parks.

I can finally get the Cheerio behind my fridge that’s been there since 2012.

An Atlas for J’s Christmas list.

Change your perspective, change your world.

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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

On our Disney trip last year we went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for the first time. If you are a Disney fan it is definitely an event that you’ll want to experience at least once. There were some things that we learned from our event, so I wanted to share it with you!

The first is that this event is not one that I would recommend for little kids that are easily scared. You know your kid and although it is very family friendly, it does have some spooky elements to it. Our youngest REFUSED to ride the Haunted Mansion, even though he’s ridden it before.

The second is that I would recommend setting aside a ticket day for it. You can typically enter in the park around 6 p.m. (this changes) for the event, and you’ll most likely end up staying until around midnight. If you’ve already been in the park all day this can make for a very late night, especially with younger kids.

Pick one or two chosen character meet and greets and head there to get in line as soon as you get in the park. The costumed characters take breaks, so what may be a thirty minute line, may turn into a much longer line if the characters are taking breaks ever so often.

Plan ahead and pick what you think are your key events. We picked the parade, a treat at Storybook Treats and watched the fireworks from that area. Then we went trick or treating as we walked through the park.

Get the magic pictures! You can only get them at the event, and we found that most of these lines were not long.

Ride the rides! Especially this year, some rides have special experiences, and there were rides that we walked on to, that you can’t always do that.

And lastly, have fun! There are so many different things to do at these events that sometimes you forget to actually enjoy it.

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Weekend hike

We took a weekend hike and it was filled with butterflies! This was our local nature preserve, about a half mile walk to it, about a mile until we hit an impass, and then a mile back out. It was a great easy hike and close to home, too!

Look at our friendly hitchhikers!

J brought his notepad and pen to take notes on what he saw…

There was quite an active stream…


And my favorite part of our hikes is listening to the boys’ conversations:

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Our favorite local donut shop

Several years ago B and I went to a food truck event and split a box of these amazing fresh, warm, and small donuts at this airstream trailer shop called Bigfoot’s Little Donuts. Then I took the boys for a back to school treat. Now that airstream shop has a store front and my sister and I took all the kiddos for an end of summer breakfast. It is just as amazing as I remembered it, and you’ve got to try it, friends! Here is a look at their menu:

They also have different specials if you follow them on Instagram! We picked the Cookies and Cream and the Cinnamon Sugar:

Pretty eye catching right? And they melt in your mouth, they are made to order, and oh so delicious! The kids ate two boxes and we ordered a third to take to my parents:

And we took a picture with the store mascot (of course):

We had a great breakfast! Their staff is awesome, and they split milks and waters for the kids. It was a great end to our summer vacation! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself without having five kids at my house two days a week, ha! Besides work and all. I’m so glad these five have each other!

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