Friday Favorites


This was a week of Valentines, lots of grading, and still recovering from ear infections, and virus created coughs. I’m trying to stay in my mantra of enjoying each moment and taking each moment as it comes, but honestly, at this point, I’ve got spring fever. I just want it to be warm and be able to start planting my spring flowers. For now, I’m just going to cuddle up with my tea and imagine spring. Here are some of my favorites of the week!

1. The rules of buttoning a suit coat.

2. I got a gel manicure for the first time and I’m obsessed! Here’s how to remove it, when my nails outgrow the manicure.

3. The Last Mrs. Parrish, on my reading list, per my sister’s recommendation.

4. A week of meals.

5. Panko crusted lemon chicken.

6. At home work-outs in 30 minutes or less.

7. I love that this coat is stylish, but also looks as cozy as a bathrobe. A win-win in my opinion.

8. Buttery crab bread pudding.

9. A lovely trip to Paris.

10. Perfect Spring trench.

11. Easter table setting.

12. Audiobooks for A for spring/summer road trips.



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Molten lava cakes

My nephew turned twelve this weekend. Twelve! He’s the oldest of all the cousins and I still look at him in wonder as it seemed like only yesterday B and I were exhausted from building Lincoln logs with him all afternoon (who knew kids were so exhausting?).

And checkout this awesome photo I took:

I’ll treasure it always. Ha! So, my nephew requested molten lava cakes for his birthday and my sister made these:

They’re a copycat of Chili’s and I can say as a former Chili’s employee, they’re better than Chili’s. They were AWESOME. I cannot even do justice to these. You will make them, eat them, and then want to make more.

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J Room Update Mood Board

J’s room is a space that I constantly feel like I’m trying to keep up with. Where A’s room is a large box, J’s room is smaller and awkwardly shaped. A also doesn’t like anything to change in his room, where J is more open to updates.  I updated it last year, and found myself again this year, struggling to keep up with his massive Lego buildings and art pieces. I’ve realized that we need to move up, instead of keep adding longer furniture. I’m also planning to re-paint in a cooler gray, to lighten the room and help it transform from little kid to big kid.

I love this room color:

And the character items here, J would love:

And I have ordered several Target items, and have planned a trip to IKEA to pick up a few more storage and decorating solutions:

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve

There’s a lot of white in my choices and that’s because J has several rich mahogany dressers and a smaller book case in his room already. Instead of trying to match to these pieces I go in the complete opposite direction with contrasting whites. I’m also bringing in some navy and blue tones with a couple pops of orange….and not just because we’re Auburn fans! I’m excited to pull it all together over the next few months and can’t wait to share the finished result!

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Friday Favorites

I’m officially ready for winter to be over. A is sick for the second time in a week with a totally different virus. J was sick two weeks before that, and now I feel like I’m getting whatever A has (not flu, we visited the doctor to make sure). Between that, work, Birthday parties, and pinewood derby weekend, I just really want to hide under the covers and sleep the weekend away. Which is also why I’m just now posting my favorites for the week!

1. All the sweaters of the season, while it’s still cold.

2. Olympic garland.

3. The cutest little Valentine door hangers.

4. A cozy study with double bookshelves (B’s favorite).

5. Rainbow felt macaroons.

6. The best decorating rules.

7. Living room basics.

8. Amping up a classic pump.

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Broccoli cheese quiche

As much as I love the convenience of tablets and smartphones, I love print. I love reading my checked out library books, I love when my Instyle magazine arrives each month, and I love when every quarter Magnolia Journal is in my mailbox. This quarter I tested out the quiche recipe, swapping out bacon for broccoli (and leaving out onion for B). I was a little worried about how it would turn out:

And it turned out fabulously! But then I was a little worried the boys wouldn’t eat it:

However, it turns out theylove quiche. And they didn’t even miss the meat! It’s kind of like Panera’s broccoli cheese soup in pie form. Yum!


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Batman birthday party

Considering J wore a Batman costume to Christmas last year, to say Batman is his favorite super hero would be a bit of an understatement. This was a big birthday for J! First, he turned six. Officially headed towards big kid territory. Second, he had his first kid party and he was so pumped. The party theme was simple, but I have to say this was one of my favorites!

We has a batastic banner:


A light box and cityscape:



A birthday Mickey with petit fours:

A Vine and Branches sign:

Some carefully guarded treat bags:

And of course:


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Friday Favorites

Converse twinning with my favorite nine year old.

1. Weekend lover.

2. Prepping for a batastic birthday weekend.

3. Hold on to your crockpots.

4. Fantastic cabinet update.

5. DIY heart cookies.

6. Adding to my bookshelf.

7. My new Instagram (@favoritedisneydishes) dedicated to our favorite Disney foods.

8. Pinwheel homemade rolls.

9. Winter layers for a dreamy bedroom.

10. Super Bowl queso.

11. Japan in winter is magical.

12. Wear your heart on your sleeve…or your shirt!

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Winter Book Review

While James napped Sunday afternoon away, I was watching Fixer Upper and reading. I’ve read quite a few books since December, so I decided to share!

This is a great beach read (if the title doesn’t give it away). Good character development, although a little stereotypical in parts. The story flows well and I liked the development of feel and character of Nantucket as an entity on its own.

This was one of B’s books that I read after I finished one book and was waiting for another book to arrive. It’s the first James Bond book, and it presents the vision of Fleming’s Bond. He’s a flawed character, often a bad shot, and definitely not the perfected ladies’ man that he’s portrayed to be in most of the Bond films. For that reason alone, I recommend it!

Okay, this was a tough one. I’ve had this one on my list to read for almost two years and finally read it over the winter break. As the book is from two different view points, I had two different perceptions of the story. Vivian’s story was heart wrenching and captivating, and I read every word. Molly’s on the other hand came off as a bit contrived. I get annoyed with teenage angst, and while I understood the correlation, it just seemed a bit overdone in that part.

I’m going to preface this book by saying I thought it was different than what it was. I was expecting a marriage memoir applied to Jesus devotional. It was not. You can’t throw in five verses from the Bible and call it that. And no, she doesn’t call it that, so that was a mistake on my part. However, I laughed a lot, and it was a quick read. Although, I’m still kind of mad that her husband stood by watching her paint a shed in their backyard.

You know I couldn’t go a month without reading an Agatha Christie mystery. This one was really complex in the mystery set-up and I liked the storyline. Poirot takes a back role in this book, with two non detectives at the forefront. My only complaint would be the need to have a complete ending, with each character having a definite end role even if it seems unjustified. That’s my best way to say that without including spoilers.

This was my favorite. Told from the viewpoint of a young girl, she goes to live with her Aunt Tootie in Savannah, where she meets a bunch of fierce women. It reminded me of many of the scrappy women in my own life, and I read it in a week turnaround. On a hilarious note, I borrowed this book from my sister and apparently it was missing the last thirty pages. I got to the “end” and thought, “that’s it! This is terrible!” I did some research and realized it wasn’t the ending, then checked the book out at the library to finish it.

And finally, the follow-up to Bob Goff’s book, Love Does, is his wife’s book, Love Lives Here. I found this, like Bob’s book, to be very centering, if that makes sense. It’s about discovering how to refocus, reprioritize, and that is okay to make mistakes, and/or start over.

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