Friday Favorites

School’s out for summer! I’m rejecting my slight-A type need to create a list of summer fun, instead I’m getting out with the boys and we are creating summer fun in the moment. Not that I don’t love a good list! However, after a really busy school year we are going to spend some time being plain bored, watching cartoons late, taking long walks, vegging at the pool, crafting, making fun foods, and reading! I guess we do have a bit of a list after all đŸ™‚

For when the boys are older and we can tackle more adventurous hikes.

Easy cinnamon sugar donuts for one of our fun recipes!

A’s sweet teacher gifted me a book for being a room mom this year and I literally cannot put it down. It’s awesome.

Clean and fresh bedroom in four unique ways.

Literally the only people I talk on the phone with are my Mom and sister.

A fabulous shirt dress, I’m trying to figure out if I can re-create it at a more cost effective price.

Strategies for camping with kids. I better read up, I’m pretty sure we have at least three camping trips this fall.

One thing I decided to do this summer (mainly to keep my sanity), is not taking lunch requests from the boys. I never do that during the school year and I’m done running my kitchen like a short order cook for lunch in the summer. That being said I’ve got a list of lunch ideas in my back pocket.

And finally, the craft room of my dreams!

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Last day of second grade

In August of 2016, A entered second grade…

He learned about arrays, higher level addition and subtraction, creating graphs, measuring, and more. He worked on handwriting, story creating, comprehension, and formal vs. informal speaking. He gave presentations on a variety of topics including the giant panda and a chronology of his life. He wants to be an author when he grows up, and math is still his favorite subject.

He is definitely ready for third grade. He loves everything about school, and I’m little worried of how I’m going to keep him from becoming thoroughly bored this summer (thankfully my Mom dropped off a whole stack of math games). However, I’m sure with his brother to create games with, math games, and a stack of new library books he should at least have things to do the first week. Ha!

A loves reading, hiking, and creating books about all kinds of topics. He is always ready to learn anything and everything and I just hope he always retains his love of learning. He is honest and silly and sincere. And we celebrated his stellar gold rally day by going out for frozen yogurt as well.

I loved getting to take each of the boys on their own outings to celebrate the end of school. A is looking forward to moving upstairs next year as he is officially transitioning to upper elementary school. I can’t believe it! We are so proud of our sweet boy!

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Last day of pre-K

In August of 2016…

J began his last year of preschool.

In what seemed like a mere blink of an eye, our baby, the youngest, was suddenly a full on kid. J can count to 100, recognizes all letters, is steadily reading beginning books, and can color inside the lines like a rock star (although I feel like most rock stars color outside the lines). His teacher has commented throughout the year on J’s endless kindness and patience with his classmates.

As he began his last day I asked him a series of J’s favorites questions, so here are my questions and his responses:

What do you want to be when you grow up? Zookeeper.

What’s your favorite movie? Finding Dory. Show? Paw Patrol. Video Game? Mario 3D World. Dinner? Pasta. Tsum Tsum? Eeyore (although I’m pretty sure it’s Stitch & Roo).

What does Mommy always say to you? Get dressed.

What’s your favorite game to play? Freeze tag.

And a few more things that J loves right now: board games, giggling, eating dessert, going to the pool, and going to get frozen yogurt…

Which I treated him to after school on his last day! He met up with several of his friends and ate a whole bunch of candy with a little frozen yogurt and giggled a lot. And if his love of dessert isn’t clear here’s a closer look at that bowl:

A sweet treat for our sweet boy! Both B and I are a little sad that J is leaving his preschool years behind, but we are so proud of him and so excited for everything he’ll learn in Kindergarten!

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Eggs on a waffle

One of our favorite weeknight (or lazy weekend day) activities is to watch cooking shows. Our current favorites are any baking championship, Chopped, and Iron Chef. The boys are so inspired by the shows that they are more willing to try new foods, and have come up with ideas of their own. Hence, J’s latest concoction; eggs on a waffle.

He declared he wanted to make eggs on a waffle one night during Iron Chef Gauntlet and, of course, remembered this the next morning:

And he helped make it as well! My hope is that when the boys go to college they’ll have a stack of food items and recipes they can make on their own. Eggs are a good start.

As you can see J was quite pleased with his finished eggs on a waffle. He decided that he likes eggs “a little bit”. Next time he wants to make the waffles from scratch, too, so we’re off to the kitchen again!

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Crab cakes

We splurged on our Saturday night dinner cooking and upgraded our typical tuna or salmon (from the can) to fresh crab cakes. I kept it really simple to focus on the crab, only panko, eggs, fresh chopped parsley, lemon zest, and a bit of salt & pepper. I only mixed enough of the extra five ingredients to hold the crab together. Then I fried it in a bit of canola oil (about 4 minutes per side), and we served it on fresh bib lettuce and arugula (from our garden!). It was amazing! So tasty. And I made honey rolls to go on the side:

A delicious Saturday night dinner! And we watched a Saturday storm roll in and debated if the power was going to go out while we ate every last bite!

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Most likely to publish an award winning novel

A had his end of the year superlative party and he won “most likely to publish an award winning novel”. He was so pleased to win this award and it shows not only his love of writing, but also how well his teacher knows him!

And here is an example of some of his future award winning work, his current project is a guide to playing and winning Plants vs. Zombies:

Notice the careful detail to the illustrations and the multiple strategy breakdown. Super proud of A’s hard work and creativity!

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Friday Favorites

Matchbox and Hot Wheel competition is the theme of our week. It seems like everything is a competition these days with the boys, especially J. Who can buckle their seatbelt the fastest, get their shoes the fastest, etc. You’d think it would mean we get out of the house quicker, but it really doesn’t. Insert my face every morning, here:

There it is. Now on to some of my favorites of the week:

The wavy hair I rocked for most of the week…and then one day looked like Hermoine Granger when the humidity got too high:

Thanks a lot Southern weather.

I love, love, love beachy surf style, so even though I don’t have a beach house, I’m putting a book on my list for a little surf style at home:

A’s second grade teacher has been awesome, and she’s also an artist, so the kids have done some really unique and cool art projects this year and this one may be my favorite:

I was inspired to start replenishing art supplies for fun activities for the boys this summer!

Creating a cozy bedroom through layering….I’m trying to figure out where to layer in a print that I think the boys would find hilarious, and have endless debates about. These are the the things you think of in a house full of boys…how can I make them laugh?

Ideas on teaching kids to have giving hearts. Love this!

And finally, adding Positano to my bucket list with the boys. So lovely!

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This and that

This is the pie that my sister made for Mother’s Day and I immediately requested for my birthday:

These are the planter pots that I saw on my instagram stories and texted B that they are added to our Disney shopping list:

This is my current pool view that is my goal-orientation for getting work done in the morning, so the boys and I can go in the afternoon:

And this is what I’m currently working on while I’m not “working” (which essentially means not teaching for two months, but working like mad to prep for the fall):

This is our other current afternoon view as we are on an activities lull, so we’re sipping smoothies and playing out back:

And this is J schooling A and I in Monopoly, Jr. the other night:

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My favorite summer meal

This is going to quickly become my go to summer dish! It’s so simple and tasty!


1lb uncooked, peeled, and deveined shrimp

The kernels from 4 ears of corn

1 container of grape tomatoes

1 bunch of arugula

salt, pepper, olive oil


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine shrimp, corn, tomatoes in a large bowl and toss with salt, pepper, and olive oil. Pour out onto a large foil lined pan. Roast 15-20 minutes until shrimp is cooked through and tomatoes begin to burst. Remove from oven and toss on pan with arugula. Serve with warm, crusty bread. (See tips below!)

Tips: Slice tomatoes in half to cut down cooking time (and chance of spraying the tomato across the room). If you want to roast the veggies longer than the shrimp, place them in the oven 5-10 minutes before adding the shrimp. Need to make it even easier? Use frozen corn.

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