Friday Favorites

I came to an astounding realization this week of spring break. My boys are officially at ages where they pretty much play on their own. We did some baking, some crafting, played board games, watched Spring Baking Championship, Planet Earth II, & Chopped, but most of the time they played outside (when it wasn’t freezing), built Legos, played Tsum Tsums, and attempted to beat Plants vs. Zombies. We had a great, very chill, Spring Break! Perfect before the rush of the end of the school year begins!

If our graham candy bars above look delicious you can find the recipe here. We used plain graham not chocolate.

Among the many cool scenes from Planet Earth that we watched one of my favorites was the giraffe boot kicking (is that a term??) a lion. The boys favorite was the bears scratching their backs like Baloo from The Jungle Book.

Amazing optical illusion paintings that would be fun to create inspired art projects with the boys.

I love Victoria Beckham’s style so I’m hoping to snag at least a couple of the pieces from her Target collection

How to beat jet lag.

Ten ways to wear rain boots for April showers.

How to upgrade a lunch salad. I’m closer to eating that than a sandwich, so it’s good to know.

And finally, definitely putting Kauai on our family bucket list.

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Bunny masks

In the freezing cold of the first three days of Spring Break the boys and I were searching for something to do and they really wanted to create a project. They were inspired by the first episode of Spring Baking Championship (it featured bunny cakes), so they wanted to make something bunny themed. I rummaged through my craft box and came up with paper plates, cotton balls, pom poms and pipe cleaners. And I came up with bunny masks.

The boys began coloring and cutting out ears, while I put holes for eyes in the paper plates:

And then we attached the ears:

And added a whole bunch of cotton balls attached with glue:

And then we added whiskers and a nose:


Easy bunny craft for the win!

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Funfetti cookies

This is literally the easiest cookie recipe you’ll ever make. The boys absolutely loved them and they still have a cake like quality after a few days. If they last that long!

The boys took turns mixing…

And scooping…


And eating!

Here’s the recipe!

Funfetti Cookies

1 box funfetti cake mix

2 eggs 

1/3 cup canola oil


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Stir all ingredients until combined. Scoop out tablespoon size portions and place on cookie sheet an inch apart. Bake for 6 minutes then rotate the pan and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes until edges are slightly golden. Cool for 2 minutes on pan and then remove to a wire rack to cool completely.

And if you want to make cookie sandwiches, after the cookies are cooled put a layer of funfetti frosting in between two cookies and roll in the accompanied sprinkles.

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Garden bed update

J and I headed to Lowe’s to start implementing our garden plan this past week. He is quite excited…

He wanted to load all of the plants in the car himself…

And dig all of the spots for the plants…

And after we were done…

We started small (thankfully) with cold hardy plants. Once we get past the final (hopefully) cold snap of the season we are going to add one more Japanese boxwood, and some spring flowers.

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Spring break staycation

This year we don’t have plans to go out of town, so we planned a bit of a staycation with the boys. So far we’ve visited yogurt mountain…

Had dinner & played arcade games at Pints & Pixels…

Did some reading…

And started building a Lego set:

And enjoyed this lovely weather….

Maybe next year will be warm??

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Friday Favorites

Books to consider adding to my spring reading list.

Simple ways to be mindful and reduce stress.

Going green (cake) for Spring.

A week of work outfits.

A clock that A would find fascinating.

A crayon art project that includes one of my favorite videos on crayon making.

A tassel bracelet for my Easter basket!

Floor cushions for the study.

Sheet pan chicken poblano fajitas

Pink noise to improve memory? 

Nail colors trending right now. 

And finally, conversation starters for kids at dinner time. But then, when would they talk about Pokémon and Minecraft? Ha!

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Corner flower beds

In an attempt to stop my parents’ dogs when they are here from going under the fence (the dog that lives behind us is furiously trying to dig a hole under our fence) and create a better space in the moss pit corner of our yard, the boys and I spent Sunday afternoon building a new flower bed area:

Now I’m on a mission to find plants that will survive in this area (it doesn’t get a lot of sun). Here is my collage of shade loving plants that I have on my list to look for at Lowe’s with the boys over Spring Break:

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Blue and gold banquet

A had his cub scout banquet this past week! He and his den are busily working through the rest of their qualifications to achieve wolf status by the end of the semester. He did a great job cheering on the other dens that have completed their qualifications!

They also participated in other fun activities, like making a little cub scout key chain:

And hanging out with his best bud and cousin:

And eating cake! 

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Boozy rocky road milkshake

This is the perfect weekend treat. Simple, quick, and so tasty!

Boozy Rocky Road Milkshake


1 shot kahlua

1 shot irish cream

1/2 shot vodka

1 shot half and half

2 large scoops of rocky road ice cream

8 ice cubes


Blend ice cubes in a blender until thoroughly crushed. Add all other ingredients and blend until almost smooth.

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