Look for less

One of my favorite looks from this past Fall:

I adored, but couldn’t afford 400 dollar shoes. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for knock-offs, and finally found some at Target. With a few other pieces I completed the look:

And then tried it out:

Pretty close, right? And for quite a bit less!

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Lemon bars with A

At the boys’ book fair this week, A purchased an Auburn cookbook. I didn’t think I could love him more and then he goes and buys a cookbook so that we can cook together. This weekend we tried our first recipe from the cookbook: lemon bars.

He did all the slicing:


And helped clean-up:

And once they were baked and cooled we had lemon bars for dessert!

He did a great job!

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Friday Favorites

This kiddo’s fresh hair cut is definitely my favorite of the week.

1. A light filled corner with a savvy little nightstand.

2. The Kate Spade purse that I’ve got my eye on.

3. Picking out the best Sonia Kashuk brushes.

4. Simple, yet impactful make-up choices.

5. A verse for the boys.

6. Peeking into a garden greenhouse.

7. Cactus embroidery.

8. How to use up all those coffee filters you’ve got leftover.

9. All the baking terms you need to know to watch a The Great British Bake-off.

10. Gingham slide with just the right amount of heel.

11. The debate on jean washing.

12. Since our temps are about to dive again, I’ve got a new humidifier in my Amazon cart.

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Tequila lime chicken & rice

One of my favorite meals when I was in college was Applebee’s tequila lime chicken. It’s one of my favorites to recreate, with the Pioneer Woman’s chicken and rice, topped with special sauce, cheddar cheese, and tortilla strips. I put the sauce right on my chicken because none of my boys like it, but if you have a sauce loving family I recommend just swirling the amount you want right into the rice before serving and making some buttered tortillas to go on the side.

Special Sauce:

¼ Cup Mayonnaise

¼ Cup Sour Cream

2 Tablespoons Salsa

1 tsp chili powder, cumin, paprika

1/4 tsp cayenne

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Signs of Spring

The tulip leaves and eighty degrees mean Spring is right around the corner. While we may see another temperature dive before we completely kiss winter goodbye, I’m enjoying the beginning stages of planning for our spring gardening and summer activities.

B and I were out scouting spring plants and found this cool above ground garden:

Which left us wondering if we could build it ourselves…

Then we stopped by Frio’s for a birthday cake popsicle:

And this weekend A went to a birthday party at Top Golf:


If we’re golfing and switching out our latte for peach tea:

It’s a sign that Spring is right around the corner!

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Friday Favorites

Whelp, it’s the end of February, so it’s only natural that it should be eighty degrees. I’m just praying that this warm snap isn’t followed by a cold snap that takes out my tulips growing in the front yard. The boys are busily being bug rescue rangers…which means I get lots of “look at this bug we saved!” while I sip my tea on the back porch. Which is kind of my favorite way to spend the afternoon.


1. Neutral paint palettes for the perfect backdrop.

2. A little DIY potted plant that requires no watering.

3. Maybe we can all be Olympic athletes? The ethics of this story was the subject of much debate in my classes this week.

4. A cozy hangout room.

5. My happy spring sandals!

6. Have you seen the new Sonia Kashuk brushes? On my way to Target…

7. What malls once were.

8. A historical novel that the director of The Black Panther, Ryan Coogler, said he’s reading. He also plays the Nintendo Switch, so my boys think he’s awesome.

9. Barre routines for at my non-boot camp days.

10. Winter to Spring transition pieces.

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Cast iron cornbread

This is more method than recipe. All you need is a box of Krusteaz Honey Cornbread, a cast iron skillet, and half a stick of butter.

Heat your oven to 425 degrees. Place your half stick of butter in your cast iron skillet and place in oven for five minutes.  Prepare the cornbread mix according to package directions. Pour in warmed skillet and then cook for 12-15 minutes.

While this is a lovely center piece, the edges are the true stars of this dish. They’re crispy, a bit caremelized and just a touch of sweetness. Serve it with a side of Mix and Match Mama’s chili because you can’t just eat cornbread for dinner….or can you?

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An incredibles weekend

This weekend we had cousin time…

Ran errands…

Got Girl Scout cookies:

Played in between the raindrops:

Watched B work on his metal Star Wars figure:

And watched The Incredibles:

The boys are very excited for The Incredibles 2 to come out this summer! J loves superheroes!

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