Doggy Sitting

We are watching my parents’ dogs for a few days and our little mini cupcake was quite overjoyed at the prospect of having not one, but two dogs to watch. We are currently recovering from croup (him) and bronchitis (me), so there is a lot of coughing and sneezing going on at our house. Now instead of us watching the dogs, they have been following our mini cupcake around constantly. Paddington parks himself outside his room while he sleeps and is at his side constantly checking on him. Which our mini cupcake loves! He has been thrilled to have the doggies be at his side, and he is constantly trying to bring them interesting toys and sitting with them on the couch patting them.

Hello, the baby is coughing...are you going to do anything about that?
Poor baby...coughing and sneezing is no fun.
Patting the doggy

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Chocolate Brownie Crunch

I really should stop making desserts of this nature. At least they don’t last long! Despite my husband’s plea for a “plain” brownie I can’t seem to help, but add, add, add. And this is just another example of that! This past weekend I made Pat and Gina Neely’s Chocolate Brownie Crunch. It has Twix bars in it. Sure they have to call it a chocolate caramel wafer, but I knew what they meant. And it has walnuts. And it’s topped with ganache. And it’s delicious! As I said before, I’m not the best at coming up with my own desserts, let alone successfully executing a dessert from a recipe. However, I can pass along my dessert triumphs and this was definitely one of them! Not a piece was left by the end of the weekend. And now I’m going to go exercise. HA!

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Spring Craft: Lace-Up Rainbow

I have been trying to figure out a craft to do for St. Patrick’s Day. I found that there are not a lot of crafts out there, especially for toddlers for St. Patrick’s Day. I made this craft myself, and basically the end product is something that can be played with. Right now my mini cupcake is very into strings and laces, he loves to poke the laces through the holes in our sneakers. I figured this would be a fun little item for him to play with and it also helps him learn his colors!

So here’s what you will need:

Foam paper (I got a huge stack of multi-color foam paper at Hobby Lobby for around five dollars…good for future crafts)

A one hole punch


A four leaf clover cookie cutter (Unless you are good at drawing, then you can just make it yourself!)

Shoe string, or cord ribbon

Some sort of arc tracing object (I used a 8×8 round cake pan…again I do not succeed with doing any sort of free hand drawing)

And here’s what you do!

First gather roygbiv foam paper (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet). I did not have a true “indigo”, so I used a lighter purple instead.

From the paper cut out arcs from each color, and then trace and cut out two shamrock shapes (I used a darker green for the shamrocks).

Put a hole punch in the center of each shamrock, and then a hole punch within each arc at each end. In addition put a few hole punches throughout each arc and on the shamrocks.

As you can see from the picture above, after you have created your hole punches, you then string together the rainbow. Now here’s the trick to keep it all in place. Tie the cord on one side of a shamrock with two to three double knots (one right on top of the other). Then string through all of the colors on one side. On the other side tie another double knot and then leave string hanging. Repeat with the other side…it should look like this…

And this…

And your knots should look like this…

See how there is cord hanging off of the other side? That’s the lacing cord for the finished product. To finish the ends so they don’t fray you can do one of two things. You can simply cut the ends, you can place a quality tape around them (I wouldn’t recommend this for toddlers as it can fall off and they might try to eat it…mine would!), or you can do what I plan to do and that is to get my Dad to torch the ends so they stay tight and will not fray (you’ll need a quality blow torch and oh yeah someone experienced to do that!)

Once you are finished, get practicing on that lacing! Or wear it as a hat. That’s what my mini-cupcake did. HA!

Tip: This should only be played with under supervision as it does have long strings and several pieces.

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Eighteen Months

Can it be that we are half-way to two? I am trying to remember what was going on at fifteen months! SO here is what A is up to these days….

– A is 25.4 lbs and about 34 1/2 inches long.

– He has six teeth! Four on top, two on bottom. His little toothy smile is so amazing to me considering I thought we might go quite awhile with no teeth!

– He has a muss of hair and it has grown so much I have considered getting it cut, but I can’t bear it! He already looks too much like a big boy.

– He is wearing size 18-24 month size clothes. He can still wear a few things from last summer which I was pretty excited about.

– He is in size 5 diapers, I thought we might be on the verge of potty training a few weeks ago, but no such luck. That would be pretty impressive!

– He loves, loves, LOVES The Little Einsteins. I’m not sure how he got so attached to this show, but it is the ONLY show he ever takes a real interest in watching. He even has favorite episodes that he asks for (Rocket Soup! Music Monsters!)

– He LOVES being outside. He would stay outside all day if he could, which is not so great for pollen season! I’m sure walks during the summer will be a must.

– He is still a good eater, if it is food he likes. For breakfast he loves blueberry waffles (waffle please, he says) and strawberries (dahberries). For lunch he usually eats a peanut butter jelly sandwich or a cheese quesadilla with green beans and ranch, and oranges or pears or apples. He likes pasta (all different types) and all different types of fruit. We are still working on vegetables and meats and milk. Oh and ketchup! He’ll try anything if you dip it in ketchup. Except carrots…carrots are a no go.

– His favorite activities are playing with play-doh (or play-yo as he calls it), reading, building with his mega blocks, throwing “beach balls” (he calls all balls larger than the size of a bouncy ball a beach ball), cooking in his kitchen, and working on his “fort”

– He basically repeats ANYTHING you say.I ‘m especially proud of his clear annunciation and pronunciation of different words and phrases and believe a lot of it is due to the amount of reading we do each day. A LOVES to read and we spend around 1 to 2 hours total reading each day. I constantly run out of books that we haven’t read over and over.

– He loves to sing and loves for us to sing his favorite songs. His Granna is teaching him twinkle twinkle little star on the piano, and he loves showing us that he knows where “high and low” are on the piano.

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