Friday Favorites

Converse twinning with my favorite nine year old.

1. Weekend lover.

2. Prepping for a batastic birthday weekend.

3. Hold on to your crockpots.

4. Fantastic cabinet update.

5. DIY heart cookies.

6. Adding to my bookshelf.

7. My new Instagram (@favoritedisneydishes) dedicated to our favorite Disney foods.

8. Pinwheel homemade rolls.

9. Winter layers for a dreamy bedroom.

10. Super Bowl queso.

11. Japan in winter is magical.

12. Wear your heart on your sleeve…or your shirt!

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Winter Book Review

While James napped Sunday afternoon away, I was watching Fixer Upper and reading. I’ve read quite a few books since December, so I decided to share!

This is a great beach read (if the title doesn’t give it away). Good character development, although a little stereotypical in parts. The story flows well and I liked the development of feel and character of Nantucket as an entity on its own.

This was one of B’s books that I read after I finished one book and was waiting for another book to arrive. It’s the first James Bond book, and it presents the vision of Fleming’s Bond. He’s a flawed character, often a bad shot, and definitely not the perfected ladies’ man that he’s portrayed to be in most of the Bond films. For that reason alone, I recommend it!

Okay, this was a tough one. I’ve had this one on my list to read for almost two years and finally read it over the winter break. As the book is from two different view points, I had two different perceptions of the story. Vivian’s story was heart wrenching and captivating, and I read every word. Molly’s on the other hand came off as a bit contrived. I get annoyed with teenage angst, and while I understood the correlation, it just seemed a bit overdone in that part.

I’m going to preface this book by saying I thought it was different than what it was. I was expecting a marriage memoir applied to Jesus devotional. It was not. You can’t throw in five verses from the Bible and call it that. And no, she doesn’t call it that, so that was a mistake on my part. However, I laughed a lot, and it was a quick read. Although, I’m still kind of mad that her husband stood by watching her paint a shed in their backyard.

You know I couldn’t go a month without reading an Agatha Christie mystery. This one was really complex in the mystery set-up and I liked the storyline. Poirot takes a back role in this book, with two non detectives at the forefront. My only complaint would be the need to have a complete ending, with each character having a definite end role even if it seems unjustified. That’s my best way to say that without including spoilers.

This was my favorite. Told from the viewpoint of a young girl, she goes to live with her Aunt Tootie in Savannah, where she meets a bunch of fierce women. It reminded me of many of the scrappy women in my own life, and I read it in a week turnaround. On a hilarious note, I borrowed this book from my sister and apparently it was missing the last thirty pages. I got to the “end” and thought, “that’s it! This is terrible!” I did some research and realized it wasn’t the ending, then checked the book out at the library to finish it.

And finally, the follow-up to Bob Goff’s book, Love Does, is his wife’s book, Love Lives Here. I found this, like Bob’s book, to be very centering, if that makes sense. It’s about discovering how to refocus, reprioritize, and that is okay to make mistakes, and/or start over.

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Stars + sparkle

I love a JCrew tippi sweater, and if I could own one in every color I would. My favorites are the traditional ones, but I find that the embellished ones are actually slightly more lightweight, perfect for layering in the winter, and as a stand alone in the spring. Paired with just a few sparkly accessories and comfy boots, it’s a win-win.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

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Sleepovers + basketball + washing up

This weekend we had basketball games:

A cousin sleepover:

And J took a long nap on Sunday. He spends so much time keeping up with his brother and cousins, it’s nice to have a reminder that he’s still a little bit little:

And since flu is running rampant I’ve started the habit of wiping down all backpacks, lunchboxes, and bottoms of shoes when the boys arrive home from school, and on Friday I wash everything:

And just when I thought the boys had grown out of trains:

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Friday Favorites

Bright and sunny.

1. Winter boots on my list.

2. A perfect organization system for J’s closet.

3. How to fix the inevitable sweater snag.

4. Valentine’s Tsum Tsums at Target!

5. A non-traditional pork and beans.

6. Current cut request.

7. How to stay organized simply.

8. Creating a more effective blow dry.

9. Chicken tortellini soup, perfect for the upcoming cold snap.

10. Subtle shore inspiration.

11. All the best ways to pack.

12. Bundle up! It’s about to get frigid again.

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Three cheese chicken enchiladas

J got up on Saturday and declared that he could make his own breakfast. Not one to ruin a good thing I went through the steps with him, and he can now make his own bagel (not toasted, J is a bread purist) and applesauce breakfast. He was so proud! These moments are some of my favorite parenting moments…even if it was at 6:50 a.m. and I hadn’t had my coffee yet, and I was up at 6:50 a.m. on a Saturday.

And with that recipe accomplishment, I also spruced up this week’s chicken enchiladas with a mixture of cheddar cheese, super sharp white cheddar cheese, and Monterey Jack:

So good!!

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Red + Gray

I should preface this by saying this is my favorite winter outfit when it’s a typical Alabama winter, not the current 9 degree temps we are having right now. Currently I’m dressed more like this:

Which is pretty much the only way to dress when the wind chill is -1. Here’s a run down of my pieces for when the weather is more of its typical 45-5o degrees:

1. A long sweater that’s kind of like still wearing my bathrobe, but more stylish.

2. My go to earrings for any weekend (mine are real, these are dupes).

3. My shoes are ridiculously old, I love these bowed mule updates.

4. Girlfriend jeans that aren’t skin tight, but not ridiculously baggy.

5. Smokin’ hot, my favorite semi-dark polish.

6. The Epcot tee that I love because it has my birth year on it (you can find it online through the shop Disney app).

7. My bracelets are a stack from my favorite local shop Sweet Pineapple (if you’re local they may still have them in store). These bracelets are a close second.

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Valentine’s Popcorn

When one has been “snowed in” for six days straight, you start making snacks:

With some popcorn, Chex, and melted white chocolate:

And you’ve got a fabulous no snow, snow day snack:

Or if you’re super lazy:

Just heat up some popcorn and toss in sweet and sour gummies. Ha! Happy another day off of school friends!

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Drawer re-organization

I’ve been doing a bit of small scale re-organization, cleaning out cabinets and drawers that I’ve stuffed random items into, or just overly collected bobby pins:

I had been trying to figure out a way to organize this very slim, but deep door, and I found this at Target:

So, I used the smallest three in the drawer:

And then for the other two baskets, I straightened out the cabinet under my sink:


Drawer and cabinet transformed!

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