Living room inspiration

I realized when I went to do this post that this was the best picture of the living room I had and it’s so old!

Most of the pictures I have are facing this way:

Our kitchen, living room, and breakfast area are all one flowing space, which is exactly what we wanted, but we’ve spent quite a bit of time figuring out how we are going to fit what we have in the space. For the time being we are keeping our current couch and chairs, and making just a few updates:

I already have curtains that I love and kept from our old house, and so I’m just purchasing rods for those. This throw is going over the back of the couch (an idea I got from here), that will update it and pull in all the colors in the room. Our specific living space area is slightly smaller than our other house and so our rug from there would’ve been too big. I had originally picked this Well Woven one for J’s room, but he picked constellation stars instead, so I’m going to use it in the living room. A square ottoman to give extra seating and leg space because our current ottoman will go upstairs. And finally a couple of throw pillow covers to update some of our ones that have gotten a bit worn.

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Friday Favorites

Ah, Friday. Not unlike Saturday-Thursday at this point. Things are just so out of our control that I have really let go of trying to plan anything at this point. Our house being done got pushed back and the boys are now starting for at least half their first semester virtual. So, we are building tinker toy telescopes, eating take-out tacos, watching The Floor is Lava, and trying to ignore the continuing chaos swirling around us.

Rows of shelves for the library J has decided he needs.

Finding the perfect rug.

Espadrilles for days in my office. At my house.

Feels very accurate.

Love this top!

A perfect bedroom for tweens.

Finally, herb parmesan polenta fries. I feel like I could make this a meal.

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Life lately

It’s hot. I always forget about this time of year and then we get here and I’m like “oh yes, this is winter/summer”, which means instead of being so cold you can’t go outside, it’s so hot you can’t go outside. That being said A and his cousin J have still had some golf matches:

And J has been helping me water the plants:

We made Thanksgiving in July with a smoked turkey and grilled peaches topped with vanilla ice cream. Honestly I’d like to make this a new tradition:

And Chloe has taken to snuggling in J’s weighted blanket if he leaves it lying around:

And finally this grasshopper looking like it dropped from the sky onto the planet is very 2020:



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Boys’ Bedroom Inspiration

Happy Monday, friends! Our house building is beginning to reach that light at the end of what has seemed like a really long tunnel. My anxiety of needing it to be to finished so we can move in and get set up before the boys return to “school” (I think we all know why I have quotations there), and just get a sense of some scheduled normalcy is increasing weekly. I’m trying to overcome that by getting a plan in mind of what we are doing for each room, and you may have seen my plan for our breakfast/kitchen area and our office. With those figured out and things ordered, I’ve moved on to the boys’ rooms:

Not quite done, but getting closer!

We took the boys by for a little sneak peek of their rooms and they are so excited! Right now they are all about plans of where their beds, desks, and dressers are going to go. And they also want to be able to unbox all of their things again. I’ve been doing a lot of staring at curtains and paint online trying to figure out what would be work for their rooms with what they already have. Surprisingly, it is actually easier to figure out their rooms versus our room, for which I am completely stumped on right now. So first up, is paint colors. We let the boys pick their own colors (within reason), and after steering J around from lime green (or vegan green, because that was also in the running), here is what we agreed on:

First, the base paint color of all our walls is Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. It is the color of their bathroom and the hallway going into their room. A wanted blue like his room was before, but lighter. We went with Behr Celestial Light for his room. J loved the idea of navy (thankfully more than bright lime), so we agreed on doing an accent wall in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, and then the rest of the room in Sherwin Williams First Star.

Both boys have Star Wars comforters, and so I jumped off that idea with gray tones for A’s room and navy tones for J’s room. Both boys quickly proved that they have their own ideas and that wasn’t exactly what we ended up with:

For both boys rooms I’m getting these curtain rods, that allow for the curtain to wrap towards the wall, so light can’t stream in on the sides. I ordered rugby stripe curtains from Pottery Barn kids in navy for J and gray for A. I went round and round on a shower curtain for their shared bathroom and ended up with the shadow of a T-Rex taking a shower for I think obvious reasons. In random conversations you have during quarantine, J had said he wanted a rug with stars and A wanted Mickey Mouse, so these both seemed like good (and washable) choices. The Ruggable Brand comes with a removable rug pad and you can throw in the rug to wash, which made them the clear winner with two kids. To finally decide on what size rug for their room I actually sketched to scale drawings of their rooms:


After much back and forth, I decided a 6×9 rug would give them some cushy flooring, without it becoming full on carpet (their floors are hardwood). I’ve got it all ordered and am pretty sure my parents are ready for us to move out so I’ll stop bringing more stuff in their house, ha!

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Study inspiration

Our study at our old house was many different spaces during the time we lived there. Now that we are working from home for the foreseeable future, in our new home we are creating a true office space that we can use for work. One of our additions was french doors to create a sound barrier for when we are in meetings. The other was working on introducing better functionality instead of it just being a landing space for all of our junk.

One of the things we got rid of before we moved was my college desk in our study. It was a big space of a desk, but was mainly the ply-board, and had become a storage top instead of an actual functional space. We did keep B’s desk (which is large), and we are keeping the curtains we had in our study before. With that in mind, I wanted to layer some prints, but keep a similar color palette and replace the standard light in the study with an upgrade I’ve been eyeing for probably two years.

I love, love this pendant light. I always thought about buying it for our old house, but I’m glad I waited.

Traditional roll around desk chairs make me dizzy, so I’m going with a larger club chair that I can curl my feet up in.

And speaking of desks, this one offers the option of sitting or standing. I love the versatility especially because I’m going to be spending long hours at my desk.

I’m getting two of these sets of drawers for file papers, craft stuff, and work items.

Love this rug, as it pulls in both blues and oranges.

This room gets a lot of light from two directions, so I’m going to jump in with a fiddle leaf fig.

And finally, one of my favorite rituals of work focus is lighting a candle.

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Life lately

Besides drawing all of the Castle Crashers, here is a little of what we’ve been up to around here!

The boys built a robot with my Dad and it may have been their favorite part of the summer (or last four months) so far…

Rounds of basketball once the sun goes down is a summer standard…

I did a 5k 2 minute walk/2 minute run with B on Saturday and I was pumped that I actually didn’t stop! I think my face is still on fire from it, ha!

We’ve spent some time watching the baby geese (who are about all grown up) flight test their wings…

And finally, we celebrated the Fourth with just us, but we got some excellent fireworks…

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Friday Favorites

Oh my, how is it the Fourth of July?! This past week I got my hair (and eyebrows, thank you very much) done after an almost four month hiatus. I wore a mask for over two hours straight and it was worth every minute! So glad to have fresh highlights and layers courtesy of my favorite hair stylist. This weekend we will be doing our norm (hanging out at my parents waiting for our house to get finished), but B is cooking a giant brisket on his Traeger. I’m definitely looking forward to that! Here are some of our favorites of the week!

The most amazing water lily designs.

Quick and easy dinners with rotisserie chicken.

Bringing back the nineties with a scrunchie.

New world sourdough techniques.

How to find the best coffee on Amazon.

Great hiking pants I just bought.

Love this office set-up.

Finally, a bit of ruffle and neon.

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Fresh and fluffy plants

In the midst of moving out of our house, one of the things I drove over individually to my parents were my indoor plants. I’m not the best plant lady, but I’ve come to value having air purifying plants in our home. I’ve really needed to repot several of our plants, but I haven’t had a chance to yet this year. I found two larger pots at Target and one at Lowe’s and repotted the four plants that had out grown their homes.

I would’ve had a before picture, but I totally forgot, here are the pots:

And now here they are in their new pots:

They look so much happier! The biggest plant (on the far left) was in the second to left pot, so obviously they all needed bigger spaces. Now I’m just working on them having enough light and proper water amounts until I move them into their new spots. I managed to find pots from Lowe’s (far left), and Target (the other three), but it was not easy! There are weird things in limited supply these days and apparently plant pots are one of them.

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New house updates

Our cabinets are in! As you can tell, I am a little excited. After all the craziness of building during a pandemic, we are still making progress. We have hit a bit of a delay in the countertops and floors, so we are really hoping they get those in soon. Now that we can officially envision things better, I finally settled on counter height chairs, counter stools, and a breakfast table and chairs. I went round and round because we haven’t picked new furniture in quite awhile and we can’t really go see anything in the stores right now (obviously). After measuring heights, depths, and laying a lot of tape measures across the floor:

I came up with this set:

I didn’t want everything to match exactly. I don’t usually hold to one particular style, I go with what I like, and look for colors and tones to coordinate. The cornerstone for all of it was the Serena and Lily counter stools that I have been looking at for months. They were all on sale this week, so I made the giant leap (and measured the kitchen counter one more time), and ordered all four counter stools and the two end chairs for the table. I splurged on those because the table and side chairs are a steal. I’m still waiting on the two backless counter stools (to go under the island in the picture above) to come back into stock. I’m so excited to see it all together!

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