Using our herbs…

So the boys’ favorite new spaghetti sauce is…

Herb filled! A requested spaghetti on Friday night and I obliged with this quick recipe. A couple springs of fresh rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, a can of tomato sauce, a can of diced tomatoes, tbs of tomato paste, a sprinkle of garlic powder, pepper, and kosher salt.

Blend it all up:

And of course I forgot to take a picture of anything else. I cooked it over low to medium heat for a good thirty minutes while we prepped everything else. And it was awesome! Definitely on our rotation.

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Hey batter, batter!

J had his first T-Ball game of the season! He LOVES T-Ball. I hope he continues to improve and progress because with his energy level (HIGH) he really needs sports to channel all that energy constructively.

He’s also a big rule follower with his coaches. We told him to walk up to bat (the kid before him and had batted and ran), but he said no because the coach hadn’t told him to walk up to the tee yet. Look at this stance! He’s ready! Good swing!¬† The main thing he’s working on is hitting and then immediately running. He was shocked (as many of the kiddos on his team were) when he hit it and just kind of stood there for a couple of seconds. So we are working on, hit and run!

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Things J does…

Eats ice cream popsicles like a boss…

Inspects caterpillars at school…

Pretends to be a caterpillar before breakfast…

J is naturally a funny kid, and he’s at the age where if he realizes you think it’s funny he really hams it up!

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Raised garden bed

Over the past few months, B has been planning and creating a raised garden bed. He was inspired by the Disney ride “Living with The Land”:

I have never ceased to be amazed in our marriage the insight and creativity of B:

This is just the first two sections…he left room to add more after testing it. On Sunday after church we headed to Lowe’s to get our first batch of herbs and vegetables.

We came up with a good start! Bibb lettuce, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, lavender, oregano, and thyme:

And the boys loved helping:

And then we put on our garden gloves and got to work…

After tucking all the plants neatly into rows:

We are prepped for our trial run!

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Spring forward fashion

At the beginning of Spring I edit my wardrobe and the boys, donating any clothes that are too small, or haven’t been worn in two years, and won’t be worn again. Then I fill in with some updates (J.Crew, GapFit, and Nordstrom are my go tos). Here’s what I have re-stocked my closet with so far:

I love basic tees for summer and J.Crew and Madewell have good structure and hold up well. Trendy flats from Nordstrom can liven up my shirts and tee uniform, and I essentially wore out my old Converse and needed to update. I actually transformed the J.Crew bracelet into a necklace with a simple gold chain and it creates a statement piece for shirts and solid sweaters.

And speaking of solid sweaters…

I typically buy one tippi sweater from J.Crew each year and I love this light pink. I needed a better pair of jean shorts since my ones from Target didn’t hold uplast year, and I pretty much live in GapFit long sleeve tops for weekend baseball season.

And what I have my eye on…

A new pair of sunglasses (I always buy cheap sunglasses because I lose them/break them/sit on them/drop them), a basic white polish, some summer heeled sandals, wake you up face wipes (somehow I still haven’t gotten past spring forward!), and another pair of everyday shorts.

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Friday Favorites…on a Saturday¬†

You know the term, “babies don’t keep”? How’d my baby turn into a kid overnight? It doesn’t help that the shorts he’s wearing are his brothers from last year and they are already almost too short.

Chocolate mousse dessert to make with the boys this weekend.

Pizza + casserole + make two at one time= on the dinner schedule.

Mastering the topknot with a few simple steps.

Fancy little breakfast sandwich.

All the flowers! So pretty to look at. In pictures only. As I sneeze.

Training your brain to be an innovative leader.

Starting the process of incorporating Misty Copeland’s dance oriented exercises into my work out routine. And by starting I mean I’m planning to.

The magical properties of a simple PB&J.

A whole new level of stained glass.

And finally, a list of curating new spring closet essentials. Love it!

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Smoothie madness

Over Spring Break the boys and I made a smoothie. Then they asked for one the next day. And the next day. And then we were headed to the store to buy kefir, and frozen fruit, nuts, and such. Most of my ideas come from Weelicious’ awesome chart.

And I’ve found that I can put in pretty much any kind of tasty goodness in a smoothie and they’ll drink up!

Our favorite combinations right now are:

Oranges-Peaches-Hemp Seed-Vanilla Honey Kefir-Walnut-Unsweetned Coconut Milk

Raspberries-Blueberries-Strawberries-Vanilla Honey Kefir-Unsweetened Cocoa Powder-Chia Seeds-Unsweetned Coconut Milk

Peaches-Flax Seed-Cashews-Strawberry Honey Kefir-Milk

I’m planning on expanding their palate by adding veggies and other yogurt flavors soon!

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Local favorites

I took the boys for tacos at Taco Mama and now A is planning lunches there with his friends this summer:

I’m constantly wearing this Goodworks bracelets from Mint Julep Monograms:

I’m obsessed with this Southern Firefly Green Bamboo scented candle from Sweet Pineapple (it just smells incredibly clean…I can’t describe it any better than that):


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Garden continued…

While it’s incredibly windy here, it’s warm again which means the boys and I are out gardening. After making a morning run to Lowe’s:

We headed home, unloaded our groceries, and loaded up our garden supplies in our wagon to head to the back yard…

After standing around watching me try to begin to elevate the back of the edge of the flower bed the boys decided they should take pictures of me working.

And various poses of them helping me plant…

They did a pretty good job! And now our flower bed is a little fuller:

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