Little Fish!

It’s no surprise to me that our little cupcake has been sleeping in until 8:30 a.m. considering how busy we have been the last few days. Yesterday we started our day by visiting one of our local garden stores with Granna in search for dust to save our cabbage (see post coming soon). It was a wonderful haven for our little gardener as it was lined with hoses, plants and little stone bunnies (and no we did not purchase a bunny, this time). He trotted around happily with his Granna gleefully pointing to different plants and of course wanting to touch everything. After realizing my parents already had the cabbage saving dust we needed we left with a few herbs and a little pepper plant (thanks Granna!).

Then after a quick grocery trip (while our little cupcake stayed with Granna to do laundry) it was back to our house for a nap for him and working out front for me. I’ve been trying to keep our front garden beds at least cleaned up this summer, and was adding some new mulch to them yesterday. I came across an old bag of top soil from last year only to find it was filled with a lovely family of…snakes. Oh yes snakes. Luckily it had been outside. So after throwing it into a larger garbage bag (and trying not to run away at the same time!) I left it for my husband to deal with.

After nap time was over we headed over to my sister’s neighborhood pool for our first pool experience of the summer with all the kids. We were little nervous about how they would do, but they did great! We certainly have three little fish out of all of these boys! I realized I am going to need to purchase some floaties for our own little fish as he was trying to swim away from me half the time in the water. Of course, after some time in the pool our little cupcake became engrossed in figuring out the workings of an umbrella stand. It went so well we are looking forward to going again soon and enjoying those nice days of the boys sleeping until 8:30 a.m.!

My sweet nephews in the pool….

Our little fish in and out of the water…

Playing with the umbrella stand…

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First Haircut

It was time for a trim. After our little cupcake started running around trying to brush his hair out of his face and off of his ears we realized that he might need a haircut. I had avoided it for as long as I could, I knew eventually I would have to let go! I was a little worried about how it might go but our brave boy actually did really well! After a lollipop he was happy as a clam and sat patiently while my stylist trimmed his long (and curly in the back…where did he get that from?) locks.

So here’s the before picture:

After refusing to keep his smock on….

And Daddy having to show him how to eat the lollipop…

He was a little unsure of the whole situation…

But the lollipop made things much better….

And eventually he was smiling for the camera….

And smiling at how good he looked…

After a little bang trim…

And a quick blow dry….

We were good to go!

And here’s the after picture….

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The Happy Gardener

I was going to entitle this post, “sickness spreads through our house like the plague”, but figured that the happy gardener would be a nicer memory, HA! As of today our little munchkin is hopefully on the mend (fingers crossed!) with only a bit of a remaining cough. However, both my husband and I have been sick since Saturday and then Sunday respectively, which really is making me think about investing in some sort of stylish hazmat suit. I say stylish because I’m pretty sure I will need to wear it often in order to keep us all from getting sick at the same time!

We desperately needed some outdoors time despite the storms and rain that have also plagued our area for the past three days. We went out right after breakfast yesterday (which was a good thing, since it rained pretty much the rest of the day) and spent some time tending to our garden and our cupcake’s favorite activity…digging in the dirt and playing with the hose.

And we have a successful tomato, as shown here…

He decided we needed to water the tomato.

And after the excitement over the tomato (patoh-toh) it was off to find something else to scoop, scoop.

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Seriously Saturdays

Don’t think I will keep this up. Me remembering to update my blog on a Saturday is about as promising as me remembering where I left my cellphone without calling it. Anyway, if you know me well you have an idea of my ridiculous sense of humor, and if you know my sister and I well you know our continuing overuse of the word seriously (from five years of Grey’s Anatomy watching).

So without further rambling (and because these are the only short updates I will ever do) here is my Seriously Saturdays….a few short thoughts from where I have used the word seriously this week.

– Seriously how can all three cousins come down with fevers and two are viral and one is bacterial?

– I seriously trekked back and forth across Target three times looking for grilling spray, only to buy the Pam kind that doesn’t work on open flamed grills.

– My son is seriously considering a life as a fraternity boy if he keeps wearing his sunglasses hanging around his neck.

– I am seriously considering letting my cupcake eat dirt to see if it boosts his immune system…thanks for the tip Aunt P!

– I seriously wasted two hours of nap time watching old re-runs of The Hills.

– I may have seriously drank bad milk, because I cannot drink plain coffee.

Have a great Saturday!!

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Busybee Thursday

Sick again, should be the title for this post. Our little cupcake has been running a fever for about two days now and after a trip to the doctor (to discover it is not an ear infection, to my complete surprise), we are alternating fever meds to help keep down the fever and I have been trying to come up with interesting indoor activities that don’t involve “watching cah-toons”…although we have been doing quite a bit of that as well!

So I decided to pull out the bath paint set that we received for Christmas from Aunt P and Stephie (I’m sure you all are appreciating my great aliases!). It turns into bubble bath when you add enough water, which we of course did and I’m quite reminiscent of another bath painting time from my own past…(don’t go posting the pictures Steph!).

His favorite part…rinsing!

And this of course is my sweet boy watching cartoons (Super Why and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are the current favorites around here….I think he is FINALLY getting burned out on Little Einsteins)..

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Can this garden be saved?

We have had quite a few busy weeks with a vacation, our good friends’ wedding (yea for Carly and BJ!), and now another few days of a sick toddler! However, our garden has managed to sustain itself with our recent inattention and is actually doing quite well!

The tomatoes are almost completely ripened and ready to be picked!

While one of our cabbages is seeking domination of the entire garden…

The little squirt cabbage appears to be at a stalemate…

And apparently my basil has gone on a diet…

Seriously. It’s okay to be a full plant basil.

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What I Learned from Traveling with a Toddler

I am no way an expert on traveling with a toddler, however I learned some things from our first trip to our second trip that made it go more smoothly (and less smoothly in some cases!).

As far as food and naps..

– Bring lots of little snacks, and let them snack as much as they want in the car. In my opinion when you are on the road it doesn’t make any difference if they eat in the car or at a stop because you are only stopping at fast food for the most part. My smartest move was carrying individual containers of peanut butter and honey. When we reached our destination, all I had to buy was bread and we had sandwiches galore!

– Don’t expect your toddler to sleep more in the car. I always expect our little munchkin to sleep longer, but every time we have traveled he always has stuck to a normal napping time (no more, no less than usual). In fact I expected to be able to switch his nap schedule a bit (what was I thinking??) by him taking a nap in the morning in the car (or on a bus) and then being awake and happy longer in the afternoon. That did not work, as evidenced by our many pictures of him sleeping at Disney World.

-I also brought bottled water for his sippy cups. You really can’t do this if you are flying, but you can buy it once you get there. I had read before that switching to different tap waters at different places can mess up your system for a few days, so I always avoid it unless the water is filtered.

For traveling to Disney World…

– Go low key. We did one park and it was more than enough for a nineteen month old. We also did the park in the morning because that is his best time of day. We also let him determine the pace. We picked the Animal Kingdom because they have lots of walking trails and he was able to walk through holding my hand, and stop and look at the animals for awhile.

– If they like visit or ride whatever they like as much as they want (within reason, HA!). Although this wasn’t a ride, our little cupcake loved the conservation station area, especially this huge wall of animals they had. He was running around picking out each animal and pointing to it. As a parent you really REALLY want to get them to the next thing as soon as possible, but the kids will have much more fun if you try to let them actually “be” some.

– If you are going to stay at one of the resorts pick one that has easily accessibly dining options. I’ve stayed at a variety of the resorts over the years and this time we tried “The Caribbean Beach Resort”. I didn’t realize that at this resort they have buildings that are separated and for some of the visitors you have to take a bus to get to the area that has food! Luckily we ended up at one within walking distance, but I would have hated to take a bus to get a snack or coffee. At the resorts walking not only makes traveling easier, it also lessens travel time.

– What you think is fun…may be too much for your toddler! We really wanted to take our little cupcake to the T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney. We thought we were doing really well as we pushed the stroller into the restaurant because he didn’t cry. Well we realized he had fallen asleep on the walk over to the restaurant. We went ahead and went in and ridiculously sat at a table with this…..

Staring down at us. We figured it would be fine…and it was not! As soon as our little munchkin woke up, he was absolutely terrified and we had to take turns eating our dinner as the other one sat outside with him. He still walks around saying “I wake…dinosaurs.” Hopefully we haven’t scared him away from dinosaurs completely.

And lastly, I wanted to share some of my favorite mobile uploads from our trip!

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Disney World…From there to here.

Phew…if you are just reading this post, you will want to go waaay back to the first of the four posts that I put up yesterday. Our final part of our journey was a short stop in Disney World. Since we were going to be only an hour outside of Orlando I couldn’t resist going to Disney World for one day. We went back and forth about where to go and finally settled on the Animal Kingdom. Since our little cupcake LOVES animals, we figured this would be the place he would appreciate the most for his age, and it is fairly laid back with lots of walking trails and slower rides (plus a train!).

We were right about taking him to the Animal Kingdom as he did love it. However, I think the extent of our trip had begun to take it’s toll as he spent a good amount of the time, sleeping. He fell asleep on the rides, in the stroller, and on the buses back and forth to the park. Needless to say one day was enough. We had a good time, but were ready to go home after our day!

He loved the animals! He wanted them all to get out so he could play with him. I told him that they had to stay in their cages, and so then he went to each one saying “I sorry, you get out now”. Too cute!

And here are some family photos from our trip…notice the sleeping baby in most of them!

(I also have to quickly note my pose in the picture with the tree. See the hand on my back? We always wondered why our little cupcake stands with his hand on his back and his hip pushed out at times. And now I know why!)

The next day we actually drove home the entire way in one day. Twelve hours with a nineteen month old?? The last four hours were a bit crazy, but we made it!

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From the beach to Disney World

We saved one whole day to spend at the beach (which with a nineteen month old is really one morning and a very long afternoon nap!).

We went to several local restaurants while we were at Cocoa Beach..the second night the restaurant we were planning to go to was closed for a private party, so we ended up eating at a place right next door that had…french fries!

And of course no trip is complete without a boo-boo…

Our sweet boy loves to walk everywhere right now…but sometimes his feet get the best of him!

And finally on Sunday we took a few last pictures before heading to meet the mouse!

Are you sure we are going to Disney World?

Yes! Stay tuned for our final destination!

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