Eighteen Months

Can it be that we are half-way to two? I am trying to remember what was going on at fifteen months! SO here is what A is up to these days….

– A is 25.4 lbs and about 34 1/2 inches long.

– He has six teeth! Four on top, two on bottom. His little toothy smile is so amazing to me considering I thought we might go quite awhile with no teeth!

– He has a muss of hair and it has grown so much I have considered getting it cut, but I can’t bear it! He already looks too much like a big boy.

– He is wearing size 18-24 month size clothes. He can still wear a few things from last summer which I was pretty excited about.

– He is in size 5 diapers, I thought we might be on the verge of potty training a few weeks ago, but no such luck. That would be pretty impressive!

– He loves, loves, LOVES The Little Einsteins. I’m not sure how he got so attached to this show, but it is the ONLY show he ever takes a real interest in watching. He even has favorite episodes that he asks for (Rocket Soup! Music Monsters!)

– He LOVES being outside. He would stay outside all day if he could, which is not so great for pollen season! I’m sure walks during the summer will be a must.

– He is still a good eater, if it is food he likes. For breakfast he loves blueberry waffles (waffle please, he says) and strawberries (dahberries). For lunch he usually eats a peanut butter jelly sandwich or a cheese quesadilla with green beans and ranch, and oranges or pears or apples. He likes pasta (all different types) and all different types of fruit. We are still working on vegetables and meats and milk. Oh and ketchup! He’ll try anything if you dip it in ketchup. Except carrots…carrots are a no go.

– His favorite activities are playing with play-doh (or play-yo as he calls it), reading, building with his mega blocks, throwing “beach balls” (he calls all balls larger than the size of a bouncy ball a beach ball), cooking in his kitchen, and working on his “fort”

– He basically repeats ANYTHING you say.I ‘m especially proud of his clear annunciation and pronunciation of different words and phrases and believe a lot of it is due to the amount of reading we do each day. A LOVES to read and we spend around 1 to 2 hours total reading each day. I constantly run out of books that we haven’t read over and over.

– He loves to sing and loves for us to sing his favorite songs. His Granna is teaching him twinkle twinkle little star on the piano, and he loves showing us that he knows where “high and low” are on the piano.

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Buttered Rosemary Rolls

I know. Three posts in one night. However, I have to post when I can. I organize my thoughts into multiple posts, mostly to prevent confusion later.

My sister mentioned a few months ago about a website called The Pioneer Woman. Then my husband told me he had stumbled upon this website called The Pioneer Woman while he was looking for gardening tips (I think our garden was a little late to be saved at that point. At least our garden thought so. I could show a picture of it, but that would be sad.). And now I have friends that are blogging their way through her newly released cookbook! 🙂

Needless to say The Pioneer Woman, her blog, and her cookbook have become quite a phenomenon and I am definitely a fan, and trying many of her recipes these days. I decided tonight even though our house is still recuperating from various ailments, that I would make macaroni and cheese and buttered rosemary rolls ala The Pioneer Woman.

I was excited to find that the rolls mentioned in her recipe were actually at our local Target and I figured since we weren’t going anywhere this afternoon (they take about three hours to rise) I would test out the recipe. Anyone who knows me well knows my obsession with bread products. I might should have named my blog “bread and commentary”..but that’s not as catchy, now is it? Apparently when I was a toddler they had to hide the bread, or I wouldn’t eat anything else for dinner. Anyway, I thought the recipe sounded good, but I was doubting the rosemary and especially the sea salt a little bit. However, I followed the recipe exactly and about five hours and five rolls later my little cupcake was looking for more rolls and I was sad that I hadn’t bought another package of rolls.

Between my son and I we ate the entire pan of rolls (he has obviously inherited my love of bread products) and I probably could have eaten another entire pan if they had been here. These are an absolutely fabulous, comfort food, that I could make again and again. And yes the macaroni and cheese was good as well.

To find the recipe with all of it’s specifications (and picture commentary…which I love, love, love as I am a visual learner) follow this link: The Pioneer Woman Buttered Rosemary Rolls.

My Attempt at Buttered Rosemary Rolls
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Make Your Own Crayons

My little cupcake loves to color. He loves to color so much he insists upon coloring every day, at least twice a day. We color construction paper, we color pictures, he has even tried coloring his beloved bunny (as discussed in previous post!). Since coloring on the floor tends to lead to running around with crayons, our normal coloring spot is a booster seat at the table. Which unfortunately is the perfect place to not only color, but toss crayons onto the floor. Even my numerous sayings of “keep your crayons on the table”, I am ignored (by a one year old? Unheard of, I’m sure!).

This has lead to broken crayons…many, many broken crayons. It saddens my heart each time I hear one snap as it crashes to the floor. So I was delighted when my sister showed me how she had made chunk crayons out of many of her house of broken crayons (not by my son. Well, probably some of them.) So after looking at various places on-line I came up with a combination of several different ideas, and this recipe seems to work well for us.

What you will need…

A bunch of broken crayons in various colors

A muffin tin

Paper cupcake liners

An oven

What you do…

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

So here’s your crayons….

Here’s the only survivors I could find…

Why do you think purple is the least broken crayon? Could it be the super crayon?

Remove the paper from your crayons and break any larger pieces into smaller pieces so all the pieces of crayon are “similar” in size (they definitely don’t need to be the exact same size, just small enough to fit in cupcake wrappers).

Place the paperless, broken crayons in the cupcake wrappers. You can mix and match colors as I did. We made St. Patrick’s Day crayons and Auburn crayons, in addition to several other combinations.

I only put between four and six pieces in each. It’s up to you how many pieces you put in…the more pieces the fatter the crayon (and the longer it takes to melt).

Then place your cupcake wrapper crayons in a muffin tin as so…

Then pop them in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes. Watch to see that they are all melted and then carefully remove them from the oven (they will be very sloshy…so handle with care!)…

Let cool in the muffin tin until the crayons have hardened. Mine took less than an hour to cool, but it depends on how many broken crayons you placed in the wrapper. Once the crayons have cooled peel off the wrapper and…

Tada! Crayon circles. Quick, easy, and back to coloring in no time (Well a little time. But not much.)

*Hints: I dusted off the edges of the circles after removing them from the cupcake wrappers to prevent flaking.

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Cupcake Updates

A new background…in my favorite color pink! I have also updated some of my blog and website links. I do not have as much time as I would like to cook these days, and many of the recipes I make I am still testing out and do not want to post until I have tested them several times…so expect more updates of recipes this summer! However, if you are still hungry (of course you are!) I want to pass along my knowledge of great blogs and websites that I have found and get many of my dinner recipes from.

In addition if you may have noticed I do not post many baking recipes, I mainly post about my baking mishaps (HA!). However, I named my site not because of my love of baking. I named my site because of my love of cupcakes and my quest to always find the most delicious cupcake out there. Some of my favorite places to find cupcakes are now included on my sidebar (and many of them deliver, even across the country!). I also want to include some of the cupcakes and dessert recipes that I have made successfully.

So on the note of success, I tested out Ina Garten’s Chocolate Ganache Cupcake recipe last weekend. I loved them for two reasons. First, they are delicious, lingering between a cupcake and a brownie, with a topping that is reminiscent of eating chocolate fondue that has just slightly hardened. Second, they are truly simple and only include a few ingredients. And look at the picture of them! Yum!

Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

*Oh and on a last note of the chocolate ganache cupcakes…if you see the episode about them on food network, Ina makes them with and without the coffee (and you can also use ground espresso, as stated in the episode). Which means that if you do not want to add the coffee you do not have to. The coffee is added as a factor to heighten the taste of the chocolate.

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