Busybee Thursday

Today we have been catching up on some cleaning. Basically I am a stress cleaner. Which means when I’m stressed, I clean. And rearrange furniture. Suffice to say our house has never been cleaner at this point. However I think I may be exhausting our little helper…

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Can this garden be saved?

After a tough fight with some pesky cabbage worms it appears that our cabbage is beginning to pull through…

Despite some holes in the outside leaves, the inside is actually doing quite better!

Our new pepper plant is already getting a few peppers on it…

And our tomato plant is the tallest it has ever been!

My husband is at least 6 feet tall, so you can see how tall the tomato plant is growing! And you can see our first ripe tomato!

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Mama with a Camera

I was excited when Erin Cobb continued her photography lesson posts last Tuesday, however, it has taken me almost a full week to complete the assignment! I read (and re-read) the post and began trying to capture the light in my pictures on Wednesday when Grandpa and Nana arrived for a visit. It was quite difficult and I found myself unsatisfied with most of the pictures (probably close to 200 by Sunday!) light quality. My biggest hurdle was turning off the flash and trying to use the outside light. I took at different times of day, in different areas, but still couldn’t find that “aha” moment I had been looking for. Finally I think this evening I captured the one I had been trying to get, but I am still working towards a better picture. Here is my progression:

I think the light needed to be behind me more…and this was pretty close to noon which Erin said was not a good idea. I did love the look on Super A’s face though!

This one was around 3 p.m. near our front window that gets quite a bit of light. There still seemed to be some shadows, I don’t think I was getting enough light from above.

My aha moment…I asked him to look up at me, this was late, late afternoon and I could finally start to see the light capturing correctly.

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Little Gym

We have been busy bees these past few days! We started out our day at Little Gym…then traveled to see Daddy’s office, then we stopped by a company picnic, then we went to lunch, and after a nap spent some time running through the sprinkler and testing out the new water/sand table Nana and Grandpa brought!

So here is our starting point….

Super A and I had a make-up day at Little Gym so we took our entourage (Nana, Grandpa, and Daddy!) with us so he could show off all of his skills. I was so glad that we got to go because we missed the “show-off” day this past spring. Our little cupcake has really grown since he first started, he is much more confident and outgoing. He was happy to show off all of his skills and conduct the music while he danced!

Here are some of Super A’s best new skills…

He can do a forward roll over this log.

We’ve mastered our confidence of running across the air track…

For the most part.

He can wheelbarrow walk across the beams…

Hang from the uneven bars…

Walk on the balance beam…

And climb many of the bigger hurdles he once was afraid to try.

However after all of this his favorite part is still…

Clapping and dancing for everyone!

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At first glance these six pictures don’t typically go together. However in the tree house exhibit at our botanical gardens they blend perfectly. I have been wanting to get our little cupcake over to the tree house exhibit at some point during the summer and when Nana and Grandpa came to visit we had the perfect opportunity to go!

It was a bit more of a walk than we expected, especially since our little adventurer insists that he walk everywhere. This led to us taking turns carrying him for a good part of the trip when he got tired.

First we wandered into a flower pot….

Then we stopped to listen and watch the miniature train…

And then we took a quick photo-op at the bonsai exhibit…

(Obviously our little cupcake wanted to move on to the next exhibit…he couldn’t be too bothered with pictures!)

We then trekked on to the frontier tree house…

Which our little adventurer did not want to visit. We could only get him in the door for a few seconds and he did not like it. I can’t say I blame him…the great frontier isn’t really my style either!

From there we traveled down a trail of flowers…

To find….

A stick.


A garden hose.

Sometimes I think the only toy our boy really needs is a garden hose.

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First Library Trip

Yesterday we made our first venture to the public library. Of course I have been to our public library quite a few times, but I don’t think I have used my public library card since about 1996. I spent a good amount of my college years in the corners of our university library with a plethora of scholarly books, articles, and journals trying to devour the appropriate knowledge to write my next paper.

It has been years though since I have stepped foot in an actual library with a kid’s section and story time. We met up for story time with our good friend Miss J and of course Little Miss G :). I was running a few minutes late and after a few misdirects finally found the story time room…right at the end! We decided to try the older kid’s story time afterward, but it didn’t manage to hold our little ones’ interest for long. Of course what did hold their interest was the touch screen computers near by. I had to drag away our little cupcake just to pick out a few books and he was NOT happy about it. However after about an hour of computer playing, book choosing, and looking at a wall that had pictures of bunnies on it we left with a stack of library books and a new library card.

While it was a bit hectic, I was appreciative of how much he enjoyed getting the books and how cute it was when he profusely thanked the librarian for them (“thank you much” he called with glee). Now we have a few new books to read for the next few weeks, I just hope he understands that we do have to eventually take them back!

And of course…I couldn’t help snapping just a few photos on my cellphone of the kids playing on the computers!

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Little Fish!

It’s no surprise to me that our little cupcake has been sleeping in until 8:30 a.m. considering how busy we have been the last few days. Yesterday we started our day by visiting one of our local garden stores with Granna in search for dust to save our cabbage (see post coming soon). It was a wonderful haven for our little gardener as it was lined with hoses, plants and little stone bunnies (and no we did not purchase a bunny, this time). He trotted around happily with his Granna gleefully pointing to different plants and of course wanting to touch everything. After realizing my parents already had the cabbage saving dust we needed we left with a few herbs and a little pepper plant (thanks Granna!).

Then after a quick grocery trip (while our little cupcake stayed with Granna to do laundry) it was back to our house for a nap for him and working out front for me. I’ve been trying to keep our front garden beds at least cleaned up this summer, and was adding some new mulch to them yesterday. I came across an old bag of top soil from last year only to find it was filled with a lovely family of…snakes. Oh yes snakes. Luckily it had been outside. So after throwing it into a larger garbage bag (and trying not to run away at the same time!) I left it for my husband to deal with.

After nap time was over we headed over to my sister’s neighborhood pool for our first pool experience of the summer with all the kids. We were little nervous about how they would do, but they did great! We certainly have three little fish out of all of these boys! I realized I am going to need to purchase some floaties for our own little fish as he was trying to swim away from me half the time in the water. Of course, after some time in the pool our little cupcake became engrossed in figuring out the workings of an umbrella stand. It went so well we are looking forward to going again soon and enjoying those nice days of the boys sleeping until 8:30 a.m.!

My sweet nephews in the pool….

Our little fish in and out of the water…

Playing with the umbrella stand…

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First Haircut

It was time for a trim. After our little cupcake started running around trying to brush his hair out of his face and off of his ears we realized that he might need a haircut. I had avoided it for as long as I could, I knew eventually I would have to let go! I was a little worried about how it might go but our brave boy actually did really well! After a lollipop he was happy as a clam and sat patiently while my stylist trimmed his long (and curly in the back…where did he get that from?) locks.

So here’s the before picture:

After refusing to keep his smock on….

And Daddy having to show him how to eat the lollipop…

He was a little unsure of the whole situation…

But the lollipop made things much better….

And eventually he was smiling for the camera….

And smiling at how good he looked…

After a little bang trim…

And a quick blow dry….

We were good to go!

And here’s the after picture….

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