Can this garden be saved?

I am very impressed with the benefits of Organic Miracle Grow…behold…

The tarragon and parsley are growing almost 80 percent more than they were last year (approximately).

And the rest of our vegetables are still doing well, I think we may actually end up with a head of cabbage for all of our work!

And no there is no cabbage patch kid. Although I thought of putting one of my old dolls in there just to scare my husband. HA!

And I am anxiously awaiting our new peppers. Peppers can be really pricey, so this is one of my favorite plants by far.

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Father’s Day

Carrying presents down the hall…

Impressed that Super A wrapped it all…

Stopping for a minute to watch cartoons and play…

On  a happy Father’s Day!

Helping Papa open his gifts was the next item on our list…

The new creeper was a favorite of the grandkids!

And finally opening a new game to play…on a happy Father’s Day!

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Cheese Biscuits

This is a super simple take on a recipe I saw on Giada at Home. One of the most common things I do is see recipes and then make something similar with the items I have. Mainly so I don’t have to run to the store.


1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese (I use sharp cheddar cheese)

1 tbs of  fresh chopped tarragon (you could use parsley, or even rosemary. Tarragon is what I had)

1 garlic clove (peeled and smashed)

4 tbs of room temperature butter

1 package of refrigerated buttermilk biscuits (I used Pillsbury)


In a food processor combine cheese, garlic, and tarragon. Pulse for a few seconds until the cheese is broken up some. Add in butter and pulse until creamy. Place biscuits on cookie sheet. Using a spatula spread only the tops of the biscuits with cheese mixture. Bake according to biscuit package directions (I had to do one minute extra).

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Busybee Thursday

Today we have been catching up on some cleaning. Basically I am a stress cleaner. Which means when I’m stressed, I clean. And rearrange furniture. Suffice to say our house has never been cleaner at this point. However I think I may be exhausting our little helper…

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Can this garden be saved?

After a tough fight with some pesky cabbage worms it appears that our cabbage is beginning to pull through…

Despite some holes in the outside leaves, the inside is actually doing quite better!

Our new pepper plant is already getting a few peppers on it…

And our tomato plant is the tallest it has ever been!

My husband is at least 6 feet tall, so you can see how tall the tomato plant is growing! And you can see our first ripe tomato!

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Mama with a Camera

I was excited when Erin Cobb continued her photography lesson posts last Tuesday, however, it has taken me almost a full week to complete the assignment! I read (and re-read) the post and began trying to capture the light in my pictures on Wednesday when Grandpa and Nana arrived for a visit. It was quite difficult and I found myself unsatisfied with most of the pictures (probably close to 200 by Sunday!) light quality. My biggest hurdle was turning off the flash and trying to use the outside light. I took at different times of day, in different areas, but still couldn’t find that “aha” moment I had been looking for. Finally I think this evening I captured the one I had been trying to get, but I am still working towards a better picture. Here is my progression:

I think the light needed to be behind me more…and this was pretty close to noon which Erin said was not a good idea. I did love the look on Super A’s face though!

This one was around 3 p.m. near our front window that gets quite a bit of light. There still seemed to be some shadows, I don’t think I was getting enough light from above.

My aha moment…I asked him to look up at me, this was late, late afternoon and I could finally start to see the light capturing correctly.

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Little Gym

We have been busy bees these past few days! We started out our day at Little Gym…then traveled to see Daddy’s office, then we stopped by a company picnic, then we went to lunch, and after a nap spent some time running through the sprinkler and testing out the new water/sand table Nana and Grandpa brought!

So here is our starting point….

Super A and I had a make-up day at Little Gym so we took our entourage (Nana, Grandpa, and Daddy!) with us so he could show off all of his skills. I was so glad that we got to go because we missed the “show-off” day this past spring. Our little cupcake has really grown since he first started, he is much more confident and outgoing. He was happy to show off all of his skills and conduct the music while he danced!

Here are some of Super A’s best new skills…

He can do a forward roll over this log.

We’ve mastered our confidence of running across the air track…

For the most part.

He can wheelbarrow walk across the beams…

Hang from the uneven bars…

Walk on the balance beam…

And climb many of the bigger hurdles he once was afraid to try.

However after all of this his favorite part is still…

Clapping and dancing for everyone!

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At first glance these six pictures don’t typically go together. However in the tree house exhibit at our botanical gardens they blend perfectly. I have been wanting to get our little cupcake over to the tree house exhibit at some point during the summer and when Nana and Grandpa came to visit we had the perfect opportunity to go!

It was a bit more of a walk than we expected, especially since our little adventurer insists that he walk everywhere. This led to us taking turns carrying him for a good part of the trip when he got tired.

First we wandered into a flower pot….

Then we stopped to listen and watch the miniature train…

And then we took a quick photo-op at the bonsai exhibit…

(Obviously our little cupcake wanted to move on to the next exhibit…he couldn’t be too bothered with pictures!)

We then trekked on to the frontier tree house…

Which our little adventurer did not want to visit. We could only get him in the door for a few seconds and he did not like it. I can’t say I blame him…the great frontier isn’t really my style either!

From there we traveled down a trail of flowers…

To find….

A stick.


A garden hose.

Sometimes I think the only toy our boy really needs is a garden hose.

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