The Before…or the After Before the After

Doesn’t this make you want to run out and start your own garden? The twisty branches, dead grass, and leaves that are mulching themselves make me wonder if there is any possibility that this compost looking heap can actually turn into a real garden again. I especially laughed at the tiny rain gauge sitting in the front. It’s just a little piece of gangrene colored eye candy to brighten up the brown. As our mini cupcake is on the constant quest to find the perfect stick this is the immediate place he runs to outside. So…it does serve some purpose right?

I only wish that I had remembered to take a picture of the herb pot sitting by our backdoor. Somehow the parsley survived the winter, but the basil turned into a barrage of sharp sticks…I don’t think it’s coming back this year. HA! The point is…I can’t be trusted with a garden. However, my husband is on a quest to “make it work” (so said Tim Gunn), and so this weekend we are planning to overhaul both areas and plant our little cabbages and basil. Then hope for the best!

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Liberty of London

I have literally been waiting months for the new collection that Target has brought to its stores. It is called Liberty of London and obviously it is from London. It’s a complete collection from clothes to home decor…what I love about it is that they specialize in actually making textiles (not just creating collections, but also designing fabrics). Much of their products look similar to items that you find at Anthropologie, etc., but at a much more reasonable price! Almost all of their home decor has already sold out on-line, but I’m sure you can still find some things at your local Target. They are supposed to be continuing to get more things in stock coming soon. I am hoping that it is popular enough that they will decide to carry the brand longer than their usual month or so. Here are some of my favorites of their products!

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A Fresh Start…

Despite my sense of impending doom, we are trying gardening again this Spring. After our results of last Spring/Summer being well disappointing (five cherry tomatoes. One rotten pepper. An ambush of mint.) we are going to clean out and try again this year. Right now our vegetable bed is a series of sticks and rotten vegetables. I suggested a compost pile, but my husband feels confident we can fix the issues and start anew. So now I am attempting to grow some seedlings a series of little pots and cups, hoping that they will grow and then be transferable to the garden. Unfortunately it seems as though we are living in Seattle these days…constant drizzle, cold weather, and gray skies abound. My plants are not doing so well. I have moved them from the window to under the fluorescent lights in our kitchen to try to get them some artificial sunlight, since there is no actual sunlight.

I have started with rosemary, basil, tarragon, parsley, and cabbage (donated by my Mom). I am going to attempt to post once a week showing the growth of the plants (if there is any!) and hopefully (fingers crossed) we will have better success this time around.

Plant window lookout
Cabbage leaf
Pot of seedlings
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Doggy Sitting

We are watching my parents’ dogs for a few days and our little mini cupcake was quite overjoyed at the prospect of having not one, but two dogs to watch. We are currently recovering from croup (him) and bronchitis (me), so there is a lot of coughing and sneezing going on at our house. Now instead of us watching the dogs, they have been following our mini cupcake around constantly. Paddington parks himself outside his room while he sleeps and is at his side constantly checking on him. Which our mini cupcake loves! He has been thrilled to have the doggies be at his side, and he is constantly trying to bring them interesting toys and sitting with them on the couch patting them.

Hello, the baby is coughing...are you going to do anything about that?
Poor baby...coughing and sneezing is no fun.
Patting the doggy

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Chocolate Brownie Crunch

I really should stop making desserts of this nature. At least they don’t last long! Despite my husband’s plea for a “plain” brownie I can’t seem to help, but add, add, add. And this is just another example of that! This past weekend I made Pat and Gina Neely’s Chocolate Brownie Crunch. It has Twix bars in it. Sure they have to call it a chocolate caramel wafer, but I knew what they meant. And it has walnuts. And it’s topped with ganache. And it’s delicious! As I said before, I’m not the best at coming up with my own desserts, let alone successfully executing a dessert from a recipe. However, I can pass along my dessert triumphs and this was definitely one of them! Not a piece was left by the end of the weekend. And now I’m going to go exercise. HA!

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