Yellow and Gray

Over on Natalie’s Sentiments she is having a week of yellow and gray, and lots of fun giveaways. I don’t usually blog about other blogs, but I made an exception with this one because while I was looking at all the gray I realized how much I love gray and have incorporated it into our house. It started with a few Ansel Adams prints that I got when I was in college and has turned into our entire bedroom. While our house is definitely still a work in progress, the one thing that ties our bedroom together is the Ansel Adams prints with the gray in our bedroom.

See these few prints…

Became the reason that I got these blinds…

And this bedspread…

(I could have taken a picture of our bed, but it is unmade because my mini cupcake was using the sheets as a fort earlier)

I still haven’t picked a wall color…but now I’m thinking yellow would be a nice complement 🙂

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Valentine Craft

I had searched a few different craft books and sites for a Valentine’s Day craft that would be age appropriate. Since we are doing quite a bit of coloring lately it seemed to be appropriate to do something with coloring and construction paper. So I came up with the idea for a heart wreath. It is simple, and the older your kids are the more they can do to help complete the project!

So here is what you will need….

Red and Pink Construction Paper

Crayons (We also used stamp markers)

Heart Stickers

Craft Glue


Large and Small Heart Cookie Cutters (If you are talented you can cut the hearts out yourself, I am not, so I used a set of cookie cutters I got from target).

Here’s what to do…

I let my mini-cupcake color, marker, and add stickers all over the construction paper before I cut the hearts out. I cut two large hearts and eight small hearts. Here is the large heart…

Then I arranged the small hearts in wreath like pattern…

And then added stickers to the edges (just to hold it together before you glue down the large heart)…

And then I glued one large heart on the front and one large heart on the back of the wreath. On the heart on the front I traced glue around the heart’s edges and let my mini cupcake go to town with the glitter…

I used the other side for writing a message (or to put their name and date for a keepsake)…and tada!

You can also add ribbon to the top if you want to hang your heart wreath. See…simple, easy, and very Valentine’s Day!

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Oh Cornbread…Why do I even try baking?

So for years all I knew of cornbread was the kind from the box. You know the Jiffy kind with one egg, some milk, stir, bake, finished. I always liked this cornbread, so I’m not sure why I’m messing with it. Well I do know. One day about two years ago I was happily eating my left over Jiffy cornbread during my lunch break. One of my co-workers came in and asked me what kind of cornbread I was eating and proceeded to tell me how I should really make my own because it is super easy and better than the box. Well I took this as a challenge…perhaps I should have remembered that I am not a good baker. Or iced drink maker. That’s a story for a different time though. Anyway, I have tried several cornbread recipes over the past few years, but have never found one I liked. Plus the fact I always run in to the same problem…you have to melt butter and add it to eggs. Sounds easy enough. Not so, for me. I always end up scrambling the eggs no matter how long I think I have let the butter cool.

Anyway. I have tried several recipes including the Neely’s honey cornbread, and Ina Garten’s Cheddar Dill Cornbread, and Rachel Ray’s Cracked Corn and Cheddar Cheese Squares, but I have yet to find one that I like as well as the box. So as I have my new cookbook (as previously mentioned) I was excited to try Katie Lee Joel’s cornbread recipe. While it was different than the others (I got to use my cast iron skillet), it wasn’t quite sweet enough for my liking. Although my husband and little cupcake ate it up! So my quest continues.

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