Old Bunny Meets New Bunny…the Epic Adventure.

Here’s Ittybit. He’s only about a year old, but his wear goes well beyond his years. In dog years I think he’d be about 50.

Ye Olde Ittybit

You may be thinking “where’s his eyes??!!” Do not fear. Ittybit never had much but a stitch of an eye to begin with. You can’t lose what you don’t have. Ittybit looks tired. Of course he has been chewed on, thrown, colored on (“bring me bunny!” he stated as he waved the red crayon in the air). You may be wondering why I am calling him Ittybit. Well that’s his true name (The one given to him by his manufacturer Bunnies by the Bay). In our house he’s Money the Bunny (That’s right Money Bunny is his name…don’t ask me why…perhaps because he is priceless?).

Anyway…Ittybit has been the favorite of the house for awhile and I started to get worried that he may get lost and the trauma that would follow. So I searched and found (at Ittybitty) (a replacement (*ahem a new friend twin) for Ittybit. And here he is making his grand debut.

Ittybit the Second

He looks so…clean? Pink cheeked and fluffy? He can actually stand up a little bit on his own? Of course I realize a new bunny would be detected immediately (“No bunny” were the first words I heard), so new Ittybit has been hanging out around the house in various places, just getting used to his new digs and hopefully being a nice secondary bunny in the future. For awhile he was neglected…however today I found this…and immediately ran for the camera…

The duo!

Okay I had to reenact the moment a bit. I wasn’t quite fast enough, but they had definitely been set together, side by side…to fight crime together (or just to ban together to avoid being colored on). They remind me a bit of the Tribbles from Star Trek.

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