Finger Painting Craft

A month and a half ago a cold day turned into a finger painting project. I occasionally take the art projects of our mini cupcake and turn them into part of the decor of his room and bathroom. For this particular project I had a spot above his towel rack in the bathroom in mind for the completed canvas. So after a morning of painting back in March this…

Became this…

It matches the safari theme of his bathroom that I started and have added to since he was first born. This was a wide edged canvas, which I really like for two reasons; one I painted the sides, so it ties into the painting and the room, and two because it’s easy to hang!

If you haven’t tried canvas when finger painting I highly suggest it if you are interested in hanging the art work of your own little cupcake. It stands up really well to the paint (i.e. it doesn’t wrinkle and dries well) and makes it easy to create a piece of art for your own home!

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A sprinkle of this…A sprinkle of that…

During Mother’s Day last year our sweet baby boy was dedicated at our church. He slept through the whole thing, but it was a moment that we will never forget. It’s amazing to me that in about a year our baby boy has gone from this…

To this…

As I was doing my daily blog catch-up after I finished lesson plans (haha), I was excited to see that Natalie from Natalie’s Sentiments is doing her Mother’s Day giveaway. And it includes a giveaway from the cupcake tree, a shop on Etsy. You really can’t get away from cupcakes can you? Or maybe just I can’t!

In addition to all of the other products Natalie is giving away copies of Rebecca Wells’ new book. Rebecca Wells wrote Little Altars Everywhere and The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I happen to have some insider knowledge (wink, wink 🙂 ) on the family that Wells bases her books upon, so I always find them interesting reads.  Go check out Natalie’s blog to see all the other products!

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Waiting for Daddy

During the week while I am fixing dinner, our little cupcake spends a good amount of time sitting at the window waiting for Daddy to arrive home. I decided to fix him a little window seat out of sweater boxes. He loves it so much that he likes to sit and wait to see if Daddy is coming home earlier in the day (like 10:00 this morning). He’s going to have a while to wait!

I forgot to post earlier how much I love this pose. It’s amazing how much children mimic your actions, and this is definitely a product of that!

And introducing…the Bailey Dog!

Otherwise known as his Christmas bear from Aunt A. 🙂

Do you think Daddy’s home yet?

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