Mama with a Camera

For this week’s lesson Erin Cobb discussed the idea of thinking off center. Which uses the idea of the Golden Mean from the land of geometry. I think I made a C in geometry and that was only by the grace of the teacher. I remember writing “vertical angles are congruent” on every proof on every test. Because they are. And because that was the only answer I knew was correct.

The idea was to make the shot off center, which I understood. However then Erin went on to discuss the intersecting lines and I could feel it. That feeling I always see in my students’ eyes as they start to glaze over and they begin to stare off out the window. So I had to tell myself to focus! I can learn this!

As most of our pictures are taken in our backyard today was no exception. The term “he just needs to run” is of common use in our family. For our specific little cupcake, he just needs to play with the hose, check the garden, and dig in the dirt. And try to eat the dirt occasionally. Gross. Anyway I am getting off topic. So here is my practice session with taking pictures off center. Go back and see Erin Cobb’s blog to see if I intersected my lines correctly!

I particularly love this one, as you can see the expression on his face says “why isn’t this working?”

And this one I will frame!

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Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day and I am giving myself a present (and you!) by not doing too much blog writing right now because I am too distracted to think of a wittier post to write. So I’ll just share pictures from our day!

Three out of four people looking at the camera is what we call “the best picture ever!”

Opening Presents

Running off to do his nails

Taking the card

A little late afternoon reading

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A Little Painting

It’s almost too hot to do anything outside right now. I can’t imagine what the summer will be like! With all the heat, we are again having to find some things to do inside, which yesterday included a little finger painting.

Obviously there was a bit more paint on the hands and feet than on the canvas with this finger painting experience. Good thing it’s washable paint!

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Can this garden be saved?

I have to admit that our garden has done much better so far this year than it did last year.

We have one cabbage that is a big bruiser and one cabbage that is a squirt…

The big bruiser

The Squirt

Our tomato plants are growing steadily and starting to get small tomatoes!

And my basil is, of course, taking over the entire pot…

I think basil is secretly a weed. It takes over everything and I can never use it all. There’s only so many pesto spreads and spaghetti sauces!

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Mama with a Camera

This week’s lesson from Erin Cobb’s tutorial was all about taking the faceless shot. She also gave some terrific tips on how to get your child to actually look at the camera. The post made the sounds ring in the ears of every birthday party and holiday we have had the last four years “look this way…look at me…no look at me…cue finger snapping (my sister is nodding her head right now!). I tried several of Erin’s strategies and found that the one that worked for us was telling him not to look at the camera. And after telling him to go find something else to do and not look at the camera I inevitably ended up with this shot:

I still can’t quite get a smile, but it only took me two photos to get this picture…that’s progress!

After this I moved on to attempting a faceless shot, which by the way, I found much more difficult than I had originally planned on. I couldn’t figure out quite what to take a picture of if I wasn’t running around trying to get a picture of our little cupcake’s face!

So I tried some fancy shots of odd objects….

But wasn’t really pleased with the results.

I then started flipping through photos in my folders (can you flip through photos in folders…I suppose click through is a better term) to see if I had taken any shots like this in the past. I was pleased to find two that completed the idea of the lesson.

This one….

I know what he is about to do in this photo, however, if you don’t have the back story you can make up your own.

And this one…

A rare calm moment at Granna and Papa’s…or not. You can decide!

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May to May

This time last year I began posting just a few tidbits here and there about our life. So here is a quick post of May to May…my how our little cupcake has changed!

May 2009….

May 2010….

More hair, more teeth…same blue eyes, same nose 🙂

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Mama with a Camera

I was super excited to read the next post from Erin Cobb’s blog series that I have been following. This series was entitled “Be Different” and was all about focusing on the different moments than the standard shots that you get at birthdays, holidays, etc.

When I was thinking about the “different” shots I first tried different angles of our little cupcake.

My result was a little bit too much of a fishbowl effect…and not really different than other pictures I had taken before.

Later as I was getting ready for work, and our little cupcake was sitting on the counter helping me get ready, I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of him sitting on the counter helping me get ready before.

We have a routine where I do my hair while he sorts through all of my make-up brushes. I set him down on the floor and then we went to grab my camera. I placed him back up on the counter and got ready to take his picture, but then I realized what would be really different is a picture that actually has me in it. One of the things about having a first born is you try to capture everything they do and I don’t want him to look back at all of his pictures and it looks like he lived alone!

I placed him back down on the floor and then tried to figure out where I could safely put the camera to take a timer picture. The linen closet seemed to be the best spot. I placed it, turned the timer on, and quickly placed my little helper back on the counter right before it took the shot. I know that my best pictures happen serendipitously because this is what I found when I had time to check the pictures later…

(Yes I did remember to take the camera out of the linen closet.)

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The Happy Gardener

Last year, I peered out at our garden with a mix of sympathy and dread for the poor little ailing plants. There is a short on Sesame Street that’s called Desperate Houseplants (yes a spin on the show Desperate Housewives). Every time I see it I laugh because that’s how I imagined our plants talking. This year is a much different story. With an eighteen month old who pleads to go outside at least once a day (rain or shine on some occasions!), our plants are well tended.

With the unpredictable April weather we have dipped into colder temperatures again and off and on rain today. However, that didn’t stop us from going outside to check on the plants, the hoses and of course scooped a little dirt. I couldn’t resist taking just a few pictures of our plants and our little gardener.

The cabbage is flourishing!

A few more yellow flowers on the tomato plant…just waiting for the tomatoes to start growing…

My small herbs are doing well enough that I was able to transfer them to a larger pot…

(I couldn’t resist adding a little glow to this picture, they look yummy already!)

And of course we couldn’t do any of it without the help of our little gardener who checked the plants….

And made sure the hose was working properly….

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