Sneaky Soy and the Troubled Ottoman

My title sounds like a crazy children’s book. Perhaps it should be! So I finally figured out why soy is in so many breads…

Because it MAY be in most all purpose and some self-rising flours. Unless you buy pure 100 percent whole wheat flour. Which I did. And we are counting down approximately 1 week and 2 days left of no soy. Oh and Haggan Daaz “Five” Ice Cream does not contain soy at the time I purchased it (check each package!)

So this weekend Super A decided he would roll off of our ottoman in front of the couch. He lays on the ottoman to watch TV. It is low and all leather and soft, so I never thought anything about it. Well he rolled off the ottoman, landed wrong and hurt his leg/foot/ankle. No swelling, no trouble walking, but he refused to go from sitting to standing on it (so he refused to put pressure on it). After a call to the pediatrician we ended up heading to the Pediatric ER to get an X-Ray. Thankfully there were no broken bones, but he still would not stand up on it. After some Motrin at the ER we headed back home and put him down for a nap with instructions to call the pediatrician on Monday if he was still having problems.

After waking up from his nap he was perfectly fine! No other signs or symptoms of any trouble and he hasn’t had a problem since. On Sunday he promptly ran head first into the ottoman and got a nice mark on his lip. All I could think was seriously!!?! I asked for the ottoman for my birthday last year because I thought it would be safer than our old clunky coffee table. I can tell we are headed straight for age 2 with a VERY energetic little boy.

He seems to have recovered nicely from all of his craziness! We have spent quite a few evenings outside since it is WAY too hot right now to be outside during the day if we are not at the pool. I love taking our little cupcake outside because he really does busy himself out there filling up his sand/water table.

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Can this garden be saved?

I can’t say enough how pleased I am with the success of our garden this year. I have definitely been convinced that we shouldn’t turn the area into a sandbox! My herbs are as usual growing faster than I can use them. I always think I am going to use herbs more than I do, but I am actually doing a pretty good job of using most of them considering all of the baking and cooking at home we are doing!

I seriously wonder if basil is related to kudzu.

Our pepper plant has by far produced the most vegetables at the quickest pace.

I’m thinking about making fried green tomatoes despite my trouble with frying food!

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Soy Oh Soy.

My Mom and I had to take my sweet baby for allergy testing on Wednesday. Needless to say the process of allergy testing a 20 month old is NOT fun in any sense of the idea. Based on my husband and my own allergy history I was figuring Super A would be allergic to dust, mold, etc. Nope! The only thing he tested positive for was soy. We thought he might have some sort of food allergy based on a few reactions he has had after eating (red rash on face, etc.), but we were not sure what the food was. Apparently it is soy. In our situation he is considered to be “sensitized” to soy products. So our little cupcake is off soy completely for two weeks and then we are supposed to very slowly start reintroducing it and check for reactions (this is just in our case….ALWAYS check with a doctor for what to do if your child has any sort of allergy).

We left the appointment with a folder full of information. I was thinking “no soy sauce, no soy milk, etc.”. Then I started checking our packaged snacks and foods at home. Soy is in EVERYTHING. It’s a sneaky little ingredient that they use as filler in MOST packaged and processed products. To give you an example….

And this is just a very VERY small sample of the different foods. Soy Oil or Soy Lechtin is in basically all breads, candy, commercial ice cream, cookies, crackers, and boxed baking mixes (cake, muffin, pancake, waffle, etc.).

Thankfully fresh fruit, vegetables, most cheese (you have to check), most dry pastas (you have to check) and non soy meats (because yes they sneak it in meat occasionally) are all okay. Most of A’s diet consists of fruits, vegetables, cheese, and pasta, but I needed to find some snack type items and hopefully some bread/rolls. We headed to the store and found these items:

These are all products that at the time I bought them did not contain soy. I say that because you have to check the label every time you purchase products as manufacturers often change the ingredients and could add soy.

In addition soy is part of the “legume” family which is related to the allergy of peanuts, etc. We have yet to see a reaction from peanut butter so I am considering it safe for us as long as it does not have soy oil in it.

While I did find tortillas, I am still searching for some sort of soy free bread. The only two places that I found on-line that may have it are Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, which we have neither of here. Which means I may be calling up Super A’s Nana and Grandpa this weekend to see if they can find it and ship it! I’m not sure how we are going to make it two weeks without bread or rolls considering how much Super A loves them!!

For now, I am baking muffins, and quick breads from scratch for breakfast foods in addition to our usual fruit and yogurt (which thankfully the Yo Baby I bought did not have soy).

Since Super A was such a trooper at the doctor’s office he of course did not go home without Granna getting him a toy! He was super excited about his new doctor’s kit and I of course have pictures of him checking out his stuffed animals and giving them (and himself!) medicine and shots.

Welcome to Super A’s animal clinic…

The tiger sat patiently while he received his medicine.

Then a hippo arrived with a head injury

Super A decided it was more of a nose injury(Oh and he puts the stethoscope on by himself, just so you know that I didn’t place it there!)

I’m not sure if I would want my veterinarian looking that confused right before he gave my animal shot. Apparently someone should have told the giraffe about Dr. A’s qualifications…


Of course you’ll be happy to know that Dr. A tests all medicine’s out on himself before administering them to others…

And he’s also able to multitask so your appointment goes quickly..

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Summer Reading

As I have probably mentioned before, Super A loves to read. This summer we have taken advantage of the library and I have been really pleased with their selection especially the local branch near my parents’ house. I have found quite a few unique books that might be missed by just going to the bookstore. Plus it has given our little cupcake a great opportunity to not only read different books from his home selection, but begin to understand the benefits of the library.

I wanted to share some of the books we found! I checked and I believe all of these are still in publication, or at least can be found on amazon if you want to buy…or at the library when we return them!

Two eggs is a great book that teaches that things can be different and the same. It has great illustrations from Betsy Lewin (I love her Click Clack illustrations).

This one I liked because it not only has a whole spectrum of colors discussed they are placed with different elements in a cultural setting, so it teaches elements of a different culture while showing you the colors.

This one teaches numbers, and the benefits of helping. Plus it has cooking and a birthday surprise at the end which our little cupcake loved. He is REALLY into birthdays and parties right now…(He also loves If You Give a Pig a Party)

This (in my opinion and to my knowledge) is probably a lesser known Eric Carle book. However, Super A LOVES it…we have already renewed it once. It has great cloud shape pictures that are easy to point out and it has an airplane and a bunny which are two favorites in our household.

This book was actually a gift from Granna and Papa, but if you love the illustrations from Two Eggs, this is the same illustrator. It is also a great book for learning counting.

And this was a recent gift for Super A from Grandpa and Nana. I had completely forgotten about this book even though there are copies at all the grandparents’ houses. It’s a great catch all for word association with pictures!

There is actually a copy of Sheep in a Jeep at my parents’ house, but we don’t have a copy so we checked it out from the library. Super A finds this book hilarious for some reason, he giggles through a good part of it!

Happy Summer Reading!

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And now for some complete randomness…

I was SERIOUSLY excited when I saw the following soda in the check-out line at Target…

When did they decide to bring back Squirt? I wonder if those Koala sodas I used to drink in Texas will surface next….

Lately Super A has been really busy working on his computer…

Hard at work updating his blog.

How do you spell tomato? Oh that’s right…”pah-toe-toe”

“Yeah! Someone left a comment on my post!”

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Can this garden be saved?

I am very impressed with the benefits of Organic Miracle Grow…behold…

The tarragon and parsley are growing almost 80 percent more than they were last year (approximately).

And the rest of our vegetables are still doing well, I think we may actually end up with a head of cabbage for all of our work!

And no there is no cabbage patch kid. Although I thought of putting one of my old dolls in there just to scare my husband. HA!

And I am anxiously awaiting our new peppers. Peppers can be really pricey, so this is one of my favorite plants by far.

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Father’s Day

Carrying presents down the hall…

Impressed that Super A wrapped it all…

Stopping for a minute to watch cartoons and play…

On  a happy Father’s Day!

Helping Papa open his gifts was the next item on our list…

The new creeper was a favorite of the grandkids!

And finally opening a new game to play…on a happy Father’s Day!

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Cheese Biscuits

This is a super simple take on a recipe I saw on Giada at Home. One of the most common things I do is see recipes and then make something similar with the items I have. Mainly so I don’t have to run to the store.


1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese (I use sharp cheddar cheese)

1 tbs of  fresh chopped tarragon (you could use parsley, or even rosemary. Tarragon is what I had)

1 garlic clove (peeled and smashed)

4 tbs of room temperature butter

1 package of refrigerated buttermilk biscuits (I used Pillsbury)


In a food processor combine cheese, garlic, and tarragon. Pulse for a few seconds until the cheese is broken up some. Add in butter and pulse until creamy. Place biscuits on cookie sheet. Using a spatula spread only the tops of the biscuits with cheese mixture. Bake according to biscuit package directions (I had to do one minute extra).

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Busybee Thursday

Today we have been catching up on some cleaning. Basically I am a stress cleaner. Which means when I’m stressed, I clean. And rearrange furniture. Suffice to say our house has never been cleaner at this point. However I think I may be exhausting our little helper…

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