Our farmers market haul and other updates

A and I took a trip to one of our local farmers markets this weekend. A wasn’t sure he wanted to go, but when he realized that they had popsicles and free samples he was all about it. My favorite part was when we went to one of the stands selling jams and A asked for a “plain”. The man replied, “well son, I don’t think we have a plain”, and A replied “a plain cracker will do”, and so the man gave him a plain ritz cracker and told A to let him know how the plain cracker tasted. I tried a blueberry lemon jam, and loved it! It was our splurge for the day:

blueberry lemon jamI don’t typically eat jams, but this one was excellent, not too sweet, not too chunky. And the addition of lemon is a great note.

We also picked out some fruits and vegetables:

farmers marketJ is loving peaches these days, and I’m planning to use the banana peppers and tomatoes on pizza and a salad this week. I also shared some with my sister because we bought quite and bit and what’s the fun of getting so much if you can’t share?!

One of the things that I’m working on with A this summer is food knowledge, where are we getting our food from? What are we eating? Why do we eat it? I have found that this is the best way to get him to try new and different foods. The more involved he is, the more interested he is in trying the foods we make.

In other updates B put up our new curtains this weekend in our bedroom:

CurtainsThe coloring is a bit off in the photo, but they are a deep navy blue. And doesn’t everyone have a stuffed bunny on a chair in their master bedroom? No? Hm. Anyway, now I am trying to figure out what color to paint the bedroom, to tie everything together. I have also discovered that I need more prints on the walls, they look a bit bare. I love the weight of the curtains, and we hung them high, so they make the room look bigger and elevated in a way.

And finally…

Cheesy grinHere’s a cheesy grin from A for your Monday. I love this kid!

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