Online shopping on a sick day…

This poor baby took a turn for the worse with his cold at the beginning of the week:Sick JSo B and I had to take shifts staying home with him while he recuperated from his double ear infection and fever (and no I didn’t ask him to hold his ear in that picture…that’s his typical “Mom stop taking my picture” stare). J and I sat together and watched various Winnie the Pooh movies, while I lesson planned and answered e-mails. However mid-afternoon online shopping got the best of me and I did a little holiday decoration list making…

Holiday DecorationsIf you’re thinking…seriously? A Christmas dinosaur? I’m telling you right now…I already bought that. That’s right. He goes perfectly with a certain penguin that has graced our fireplace hearth since 2006. Hopefully he won’t eat the penguin. That would be tragic. Anyway, all the decorations come from Target, H&M, and Pier 1. So go do a little Christmas decoration brainstorming of your own. And then go shopping before it all sells out. It’s almost the middle of November, people! Times a-wasting! HA!

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