One tracked navy

After five years of buying new wardrobes every season for one and now two (Although, J thankfully wears quite a few of A’s hand me downs) boys, I came to a realization. Some of my shirts were five-ten years old. And they looked that way. My first instinct was to follow the new celebrity trend of not washing clothes, but I quickly decided that was not the answer (have you heard of this??? It’s a real thing). Mainly because I get food thrown on me, or tiny muddy shoes stepped on me, at least once a day. Instead, I decided I needed to set aside some funds to get some updates to my wardrobe. As much as I love clothes and fashion, many times I find myself wearing the same three v-neck t-shirts week after week. I did a lot of on-line looking and some actual out and about shopping and came home with a stack of finds:

Spring Fashion NavyThat were all a variation of the shade of navy! And I didn’t even realize it until I was compiling pictures for this post. Seriously. I am going to look like the poster child for navy awareness. I really don’t even know how this happened.

SO NOW. I am on the hunt to find items that will go with my navy pieces that are, you know, not blue. So far I have found:

1. These bright pink shorts (I talked about them before):

Spring fashion 32. This red plaid button up:

73. This red scoop neck tee:

Spring fashion 94. This bright green scarf:

Spring fashion 11

5. And this leather trimmed top:

Spring fashion 12I’m still thinking I need some other items, but not sure what else to mix in (besides not navy…and also not red. Perhaps I’m feeling very patriotic this season.). I’m thinking jewelry of different colors would help, what do you think? Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I think definitely mixing it up with various colors of jewelry is the way to go! So many more options when your base pieces are neutrals and then you can mix & match. Fun! P.S. I’m stuck in a blush rut. I seriously wear a minimum of 3 blush blouses a week. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the advice! I think I need help shopping though, I’m terrible at picking out jewelry!

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