One Bad Banana

Happy Monday! It was certainly a happy Monday for us because J finally slept all night from 7:00 p.m.-5:45 a.m. That hasn’t happened in about a week, so I feel very much refreshed today!

Upon seeing these bad boys on Friday:

I decided to make banana bread. I collected the ingredients. Realized I didn’t have brown sugar. Eggs. Oh and the bananas were molded when I picked them up. Doh. I’m going to attempt again this week with new bananas…I’ll let you know how it turns out! (Oh and ultimate confession: I don’t like banana bread, but my husband and A do so that’s who I make it for). I’m planning to use the Caramelized Banana Bread recipe from Our Best Bites. It looks so good I may have to try it.

One of our sweet couple friends invited us over for dinner a few weeks ago. We had a great time playing, and did I mention they are about to have their first boy! I am so excited she is joining the boy club with me…their little girl is one of A’s BFFs. 🙂 While at dinner, they offered to loan us a puzzle to complete. So we ended up doing a puzzle swap with them. My husband and I have a colorful doughnut puzzle to complete and I gave them this:

Mwahaha. It’s almost a little wrong don’t you think? Sooo many gray pieces.

Isn’t a puzzle swap a great idea? Doesn’t it make you want to search out through your collection of puzzles and see who you can swap with? I feel like my parents have one that my Uncle did one year that is missing one piece…not that I would swap that one…or would I? Obviously I shouldn’t be allowed to puzzle swap. HA!

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