On letting him wear what he wants

individualUp until about 6 months ago, I would pick out A’s outfit everyday and he would wear it no questions asked. Now he likes to pick it out himself, but he has a standard collection of items that he adheres to (jeans and ninja turtle t-shirts are his go to choices). As long as I buy items within his wheelhouse he will wear it (save for one mustache t-shirt).

J is a different story. J likes to pick out his own items to wear down to his socks and hats. I can pick out stuff and put it on him, but if he doesn’t like it, the chase is on as he runs screaming “no no no!” through the house. On this particular day he was wearing a rhino t-shirt and plaid shorts (my choices), with Christmas socks, light up sneakers, and a backwards hat of his Daddy’s (his choice). It’s moments like these that I can see so much of me in him. The same silly child running about in layers of socks, accessories and jazzy shoes.

I also see me in him as he declares “no, me!” (which means he’ll do it) whenever we try to help him. He definitely is his own person. And a wild one at that!

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