Oh Hi Wall Decoration

So if you remember this sign from A’s birthday:

G.I. Joe Party ThemeWhen we were storing it I removed the letters to save for another decorating occasion, and decided to re-purpose them for a little decoration above our new foyer coat rack.

One of J’s signature sayings is “oh, hi”. It was one of the first things he said well, and he still says it if you come into his room while he is playing (or if he is doing something he is not supposed to and you catch him…like turning the computer on). I figured this would be a cute saying to put above our coat rack and I decided to use the same method I used for the vase last week.

The letters (cardboard from Hobby Lobby) were already spray painted white, but I did another coat on top of them because my original spray paint job had been a bit rushed.

Oh Hi After they were dry, I used gold acrylic paint and dotted part and painted completely the other part (just the front):

Oh Hi Decor SignThis is after one coat.

This is after three total coats (letting each dry about half an hour):

Oh Hi Decor SignAnd this is them in their new spot:

Oh HiIt looks a little angled but I promise it is not (my photography skills are subpar at best).

To attach it to the wall I first used painter’s tape to get everything in place and then I used command wall strips to secure it. Make sure you don’t start out with the command strips because you aren’t going to be able to really move it around without messing up the letters once you use those! Happy re-purposing!

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