Off to work

IMG_4162Over the past few weeks J’s favorite activity is to put on his lanyard (which he is not wearing here by chance), grab his toy car keys, and head off to work on his batmobile. I am really glad he loves this activity so much, considering he is getting a Cozy Coupe Truck for Christmas from us (shhh…don’t tell him!).

On a side note, B and I put that truck together the other night. It took us over two hours, and at one point I was leaning my full weight on it and one of the plastic pieces still would not go in properly. If I had known, I would have paid for that thing to come put together.

AND that’s the exciting news I have to share from here. I wish I had craftier, insightfuler, cooking interest posts to share, but I do not. Because I am not sleeping this week. Because J is not sleeping. So in the words of my very insightful A “Apparently if J isn’t sleeping, nobody gets to be sleeping”. Never truer words were spoken.

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