Nine years ago, B and I began the biggest and best adventure of our lives…A. This boy made me a Mama, and we love him to the moon in back. A has always been our deep thinker. Funny and sincere, joyful and kind, I honestly cannot remember when he couldn’t talk, or sing, or ask all the questions. Here’s a trip down memory lane of our first nine with A:

Whether he’s writing a story, creating a short film, reading a book, or working on solving all┬áthe math problems, A’s mind is always on the go. He loves big, hugs tight, and constantly tells me that “I’m a great Mom and doing a good job”. My life long cheering section, he watches football with his Dad and Food Network with me with equal enthusiasm. He is the best big brother, I’m not sure many have the patience to hang out with their little brother as much as he does.

I cannot believe nine years has gone by! It seems like only yesterday I was standing up rocking him in the middle of the night. Happy Birthday A! We love you!

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