Nine Months

I cannot believe A is nine months old! We had his check-up today and his pediatrician said he looks great. He is in the 70th (around there) percentile for height (29 inches), weight (22 pounds), and head circumference. They said he is perfectly proportional :). He is doing great, he didn’t have to have any shots this time, they just tested him for his vision which was excellent. It took them a few tries to do the vision test, A kept waving at the nurse and try to grab the device that checks their vision. Here are a few updates on what A is up to at nine months:

– He can wave hi and bye.

-He says dada, Ma, and hiiiiii ( a long drawn out southern hi if you will)

-He loves to fake cough for attention

-He is a giggle box. He will giggle and laugh at anything and everything

-He loves to give big kisses (he grabs your face with his hands and then licks it. As his cousin says “that’s slimey”)

-He can crawl and roll, but does more rolling than crawling

-He is not sleeping through the night anymore (Much to our dismay), his seperation anxiety is the worst at night, meaning we have to get up several times

-He eats four times a day (four bottles and four containers of food)

-When he likes his food he says num num num, and tries to chew the spoon. When he doesn’t like his food he chews it as if he’s questioning what you are giving him.

– Because of his Granna’s teaching this week, he tries to conduct whenever music plays. Perhaps musical greatness is in his future!

-He will pull his knees and legs all the way back to his shoulders and kick them out in full force, and believe me it hurts if you are in the path. Perhaps football or soccer greatness is in his future!

– He cries when his new baby cousin cries. You may be saying this is not unique, but it is when you know that Aidan does not cry when his older cousin cries.

– He loves his grandparents and aunt and uncle’s doggies. He takes one finger and strokes them thoughtfully when they lay next to him on the floor (and no we are not getting him a dog. We do not need a dog. We have at least four we can play with anytime).

Here is A’s rocket picture for this month. He refused to lay down next to the rocket, so this was the best I could get. He was not happy about me taking his picture with it, which is odd for A. All I could get was the half-smile you see here!

Nine Month Picture
Nine Month Picture

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  1. Thanks for the great new posts! I love all the news I get this way. But, I sure miss you guys and can’t wait to see you again.

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