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Our cabinets are in! As you can tell, I am a little excited. After all the craziness of building during a pandemic, we are still making progress. We have hit a bit of a delay in the countertops and floors, so we are really hoping they get those in soon. Now that we can officially envision things better, I finally settled on counter height chairs, counter stools, and a breakfast table and chairs. I went round and round because we haven’t picked new furniture in quite awhile and we can’t really go see anything in the stores right now (obviously). After measuring heights, depths, and laying a lot of tape measures across the floor:

I came up with this set:

I didn’t want everything to match exactly. I don’t usually hold to one particular style, I go with what I like, and look for colors and tones to coordinate. The cornerstone for all of it was the Serena and Lily counter stools that I have been looking at for months. They were all on sale this week, so I made the giant leap (and measured the kitchen counter one more time), and ordered all four counter stools and the two end chairs for the table. I splurged on those because the table and side chairs are a steal. I’m still waiting on the two backless counter stools (to go under the island in the picture above) to come back into stock. I’m so excited to see it all together!

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