My hair curling technique

Hair done.Don’t I look scholarly in my glasses? I would love to say they’re just for show, but logging too many hours creating lesson plans makes my eyes go crazy without glasses. However, this post is not about the fact that I now need glasses (with a chain, so I’d stop losing them, if B had his way) more often. This post is about my hair! And how I make it work. If you’re expecting to watch a video tutorial…forget it. Think of this more of…here’s the products I use. Fair warning, in part my hair curls right because my hair stylist is amazing…I drove four hours for her to cut and color my hair throughout graduate school. I’m slightly in a panic that she’s about to go on maternity leave. I kid you not friends. Anyway…here goes.

Here’s what my hair looks like after I shower:

Hair done.And also me with no make-up…no worries…that’s what filters are for.

And here’s me in the morning after I slept on my hair:

Hair doneAnd here’s what it looks like after I’ve curled it:

Hair done.So here’s how I do it:

Hair productsI use living proof (volume) shampoo & Bumble & Bumble super rich conditioner when I wash my hair. Then I spritz it with a bit of B&B curl primer and use about a nickel size of B&B styling creme. I let it air dry (I hardly ever blow dry my hair…like ever). When I go to do my hair I use a 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch curling iron. I divide my hair into three layers (hence the clips), and I spray each layer with unscented hair spray and let it dry, and then curl it. I use the 1 inch on the very bottom and the 1 1/2 inch for everything else. With my hair this length the total process of curling my hair takes less than fifteen minutes.

This is the cut that I asked for:

sarah-hylandAnd my favorite trick to curling it is going for the roots outwards instead of the bottom up, leaving the ends flipped out just a bit. I let it set for a bit and then right before I leave the house I scrunch it a bit and loosen the curls up with my fingers. And that’s it! Happy hair prepping!

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