My Favorites Gift List

These are some of my favorites and favorite items to request for Christmas. I’m all about leaning into the hygge methodology during the winter seasons and a lot of these are in line with that idea. Cuddle up with a good book, under lots of blankets in warm pajamas with a cup of tea.

1. A collection of Milk make-up brushes in a perfect travel container.

2. Leggings perfect for cold (but not frigid) hiking.

3. My favorite yoga candle.

4. I love that you can pick and personalize Glossier sets.

5. Bow headband for my top knot days.

6. My go to sweater. I can never have enough!

7. Any book from Reese’s Book Club.

8. A muffin tin because mine is rusted out.

9. Sperry boots for the winter that’s apparently going through be super cold.

10. Flannel pajamas, I live for the moment I put on pajamas on work days!

11. These throws are the favorites of the boys during winter.

12. The tea I bring to work in my yeti cup.

13. Seasonal polish.

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