My favorite time of day

Puzzles with JDo you have a favorite time of day? I can always think of four times during the day that I really look forward to….

One is my morning coffee. I spend about ten minutes each morning (if J doesn’t wake up super early), and I drink my coffee, flip through my latest Instyle magazine, and watch the weather.

Two is twenty minutes of rest time with A. He and I water our plants, and read 2-3 books together. I ask him questions about the books after we read them, and he tells me about his day at school.

Three is puzzles with J before bedtime. While A is taking his bath J and I do puzzles. He pulls out ALL of his puzzles (which he has about fifteen), and goes through and does each one, or he will do the same one over and over. The firetruck puzzle was a huge milestone when he started accomplishing it on his own because the pieces are free form.

Four is dessert with B. After the boys go to bed we usually grab some sort of small dessert (or cereal), and actually sit and chat about our day. We don’t get much time to do this before this point of the day, so it’s nice to catch up, and talk without interruption.

Since much of our day is busy, loud, and a lot of constant motion, these times of quiet are really wonderful. Many times hitting each of these points is what keeps me going throughout the day.

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