My favorite Christmas moments…

It’s New Year’s Eve Eve. Last night B and I spent our eighth anniversary enjoying take-out after trucking J to the ENT after an ear infection in one ear morphed into a severe infection in both ears, and in separate sickness news…A started running a fever. However, we discussed the Wheel of Fortune puzzle while the boys watched The Sword in the Stone in A’s room, and at the same time nothing and everything seemed changed in our eight years of marriage.

Today, the boys are doing somewhat better, and we are crafting, making markers, and attempting to play outside in short spurts since it is dreadfully cold. In the midst of all that I realized I hadn’t even looked at any of the Christmas pictures we had taken over the last few days. While there are many great pictures, some stood out in particular that I loved and wanted to share over our last week! Enjoy!

The moment when Steph was fending off all four boys in an epic lightsaber battle…

Christmas MomentsThe moment when we finished prepping (and finally wrote down the “recipe”) for my PaPa’s stuffing (the method is over 100 years old):

Christmas Moments The moment of comparing the difference between the kids table:

Christmas MomentsAnd the grown-ups table:

Christmas MomentsThe moment when we finally re-started our family tradition of singing Christmas songs at the piano:

Christmas MomentsThe moment when we attempted to take a picture of all the boys and my Mom with my PaPa after he read us the Christmas story:

Christmas MomentsThe moment when A opened his gift from Santa and exclaimed “He brought me just what I asked for!!” (and what he asked for was a scarf):

Christmas MomentsThe moment when B tried to take a picture of the boys and I and this was seriously the best picture he got:

Christmas Moments The moment when B was helping J put together his new hot wheels track (and J rarely will let us help him with things…”J can do it!” he always tells us):

Christmas MomentsThe moment when the three oldest boys were trying to pile on my Dad in an attempt to “be calm” before present opening (hahahaha):

Christmas MomentsAnd lastly the introduction of Bat Guy that J flew around the room:

Christmas Moments I hope your Christmas and holiday was as special as ours!

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