Mother’s Day

Mother's Day“Open it!” is J’s current favorite phrase whenever presents are around. And their choices of gifts couldn’t have been better….

Mother's DayA picked out “rubies” for me, and J picked out nail polishes. A has always loved giving me necklaces and jewelry, and J has always been obsessed with the different nail polishes I wear. In addition to that they got me the new Rachel Zoe book that I have been pouring over ever since, another flower necklace (my request), and dark chocolates. I’m pretty sure the dark chocolates are from a certain someone who ate all of mine at Valentine’s Day.

Of all the presents the best were the special song (with sign language!) A had learned at school and sang for me, and J’s excitement over the drawings he had done on my card. Oh and A telling me that Mother’s Day should really be all year round, not just one day. Isn’t that the truth? 🙂

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