Monkey math

On our second day of spring break, A helped me put together monkey bread for breakfast. As I have said before, the best way that I know how to help him learn math is through cooking. So we started with 3 containers of biscuits with 10 biscuits in each. He helped me pop them open and count them. 30 biscuits!

Then the recipe had us cut each biscuit into fourths, and I let A help with a very dull butter knife, which for a little boy is a dream come true:

Monkey Math: Cutting Quarters

So we would cut it in half and say 2 halves equals one whole, and then cut those 2 halves in half again, so four fourths equals one whole biscuit. I showed him how each was 1/4 of the biscuit.

And then we added up all of our fourths and we had: 120 fourths. Boom. Math before 9 a.m. !


Then we got to do the fun part which was shake up all those biscuit fourths with sugar and cinnamon.

And cook them with the sauce called for in the recipe until delicious:

IMG_5289That is some tasty early morning math. And because I have boys the fact that this is called monkey bread enacted many different impressions of being a monkey, and discussions of if it was named after Curious George.

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