Molasses Cookies Reinvented

Molasses CookiesSo now that there are more than a few food allergies in our house, I find myself asking people weird questions like “When you say butter do you mean butter in that recipe?” Because many times when people mean butter they mean margarine, and if they mean margarine it usually means soy. We have adjusted so well at home I don’t typically think about it anymore…until I went to make my molasses cookies. Which are my favorites. Which are some of B’s favorites. Which are requested each year. And they have shortening. The boys and I set out on a mission this week to test them out and see if they would be as good as the originals with unsalted butter. All I did was take the original recipe and substitute softened butter for the shortening. This isn’t an unusual move, but it can change the consistency and softness of the cookie. We also rolled them in sugar, which the boys thoroughly enjoyed helping me with. They also helped me taste test them…

Molasses CookiesMolasses CookiesAnd they were winners! They were slightly darker in color than the originals, and a little bit flatter, but they still maintained their same chewy, nutty flavor. I love these cookies this time of year because the combination of ginger, cloves, and molasses tastes like Christmas. Now that we know they are good to go we will be making a bigger batch for the upcoming week!

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